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Red Vintage Faded Flat Cotton Shoelaces with Clear Tips


Red Vintage Faded Flat Cotton Shoelaces with Clear Tips

Step into a world where classic style and modern craftsmanship converge with Loop King’s Vintage Faded Flat Cotton Shoelaces. These shoelaces, crafted for the fashion-savvy, boast a distinctive faded design, giving your shoes a unique vintage flair. The high-grade cotton material ensures they are not just stylish but also robust and comfortable for daily wear.

Accentuated with innovative clear tips, these shoelaces resist fraying, ensuring your shoes look impeccable for longer. Whether rejuvenating old favorites or adding a special touch to new purchases, these laces are the ideal choice for a sleek, polished look. Embrace the elegance of yesteryears with a contemporary twist with these exquisite shoelaces from Loop King. See features below:

  • Hand-dyed with personal touch (No two laces are exactly the same)
  • Premium Materials
  • Last 3 Times Longer Than Regular Laces
  • High-Quality Clear Plastic Tips
  • Polyester Cotton
  • Beautiful Loop King Packaging per Lace

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