Stan Smith Laces - Fancy and Trendy

The Adidas Stan Smiths have been around from the ‘70s. Over the years, the shoe has retained its modest, simple and plain design, and its iron grip in the fashion world.

With our Stan Smith laces, you can give this simple, yet appealing shoe your own take. Our range of Stan Smith laces features options that make great replacements for the original laces and other options that can magnify the look of your Stan Smiths.

Struggling for size? Check out our Shoelace Size Chart


You don’t have to worry about the length of the laces since Stan Smiths have the same requirements. However, if you don’t have an idea of the length of shoe laces to buy for your shoes, our size chart can help.

Because Stan Smiths are modest, you have a free range of creativity. One of the best ways to rejuvenate the look of your Stan Smiths is to try out different laces with different colors.

Our vast collection of colors allows you to work out your wildest imagination. If you want nothing more than restoring the original look of your Adidas Stan Smiths, we have the white flat laces that are an exact match with the originals.

Buy Flat, Rope, Waxed or Leather Laces

Our range of laces is filled with diversity. Other than the rich collection of colors, you can also choose from various types of laces depending on the look you’re after.

Flat Laces – Originally, Stan Smiths come with flat laces. We have flat laces in different widths and colors that you can choose from. If you’re looking to maintain the original look of the shoes, flat shoelaces are the best option.

Rope Laces – Rope laces are a more creative pick for Stan Smiths especially if you want to amplify the look of your shoes. Our rope laces are triple-braided rope laces not only have the looks but also last up to three times longer than other laces. The laces come in plain, spotted and striped finishes giving you more options to try out on your shoes.

Waxed Laces – We take our flat laces a notch higher by coating them with premium wax. The wax makes the laces waterproof and prevents dirt and grime from building up on the laces. Like our flat laces, the waxed laces come in various colors and nothing short of the best quality.

Leather laces – Ever wondered how Stan Smiths would look in leather laces? We have numerous options that you can play around with and see if there’s a look you will like.

Premium Adidas Stan Smith Shoelaces

Our exquisite collection of Adidas Stan Smith laces is not only a looker. We take time to craft our laces and source for the best materials to make our premium shoe laces.

Our flat, waxed and rope laces are made from high-quality cotton and the best braiding practices to ensure the laces look perfect and are durable and our leather laces are made from premium grade cowhide leather.

One of the stand out features of our laces is the metal tip aglets. The aglets prolong the life of the laces by preventing fraying. The metal aglets also add a dash of style to the shoes.
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