Premium Rope Shoelaces - Exceptional & Premium Quality

Round With Premium Cotton

Browse our range of Rope Laces below. Our Rope Laces are each made with Gold Embossed Aglets.

Loop King Laces strictly provide the Most Luxury Rope Laces Only, each made from Premium Cotton. Our Rope Laces fit in a wide variety of trainers, sneakers, shoes and boots; Such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, Yeezys, Jordans, Pumas, Hi Tops and More. See the Round Sneaker Strings below.

As well as Rope Laces, we also offer Luxury Leather Shoelaces and Luxury Flat Waxed Laces.


Rope Laces have been a lace style that have been commonly found on sneakers throughout generations. Our Round Rope Lace design are perfectly suited for sneakers, casual shoes and even athletic style shoes. Made from Quality Cotton, you can be sure you’ve got your hands on a set of Luxury Sneaker Shoelaces.

The idea of Rope Laces is to have a performance style lace that's available for many types of sneakers. These laces are easy to tie tightly but they also come undone quite easily when needed, thanks to the round rope design. Manufacturers like Vans, Adidas, Nike and more, commonly use rope laces in the design of their sneakers. Most popularly in the Jordan 9’s, Jordan 11’s, Jordan 12’s and Jordan 13’s.

Loop King Laces come a cut above traditional rope style laces. With our product you can customize your lace styles to suit the needs of your shoes or even your outfit. “Dress from the bottom up”. Having the ability to create a custom look with your shoes can help you to have an ideal accessory with any piece of footwear that you own.

Even if you have a pair of fairly plain sneakers, rope laces can enhance the look of your favorite trainers and turn heads. This is because you will have a set of laces that are completely unique compared to other individuals that own the same set. The Gold Tip Wonder!

The ends of our rope laces are also heavily upgraded. Rather than the standard tape or glue aglets to prevent fraying, we have upgraded our lace ends to include a Gold Metallic Aglet. This can help to keep your laces looking their best for years to come. If you are interested in upgrading your shoelaces and you want a product that can perform well in a wide array of athletic and casual uses, then our customizable laces are here to assist you.

If you need anything at all, please visit our Contact Page to get in touch! If you would like to know the best shoelaces size for your shoes, then please visit our Shoelace Size Chart. Thank you.

Premium Rope Laces

Our premium ropes are just the upgrade your sneaker needs. Our premium rope laces come in a broad range of colors and are fitted with metal aglets imprinted with our crown for a touch of royalty and quality.

Whether you need a fresh pair of laces or you want to upgrade the look of your shoes, our diverse collection of laces will take care of all your needs.

You can choose from our collection of solid colors, dotted or striped rope laces designed to suit shoes of all colors and designs.

Why Buy from Loop King Laces?

Quality – Our collection of rope laces is of the highest quality. We use top quality materials, including metal aglets instead of plastic or glue aglets to prevent fraying and prolong the life of your laces.

30-Days Return Policy – We trust in the quality of our laces, and we believe you will love it. If you don't, you can get the laces back to us within 30 days with no questions asked.

Happy Customer Reviews – Loop King Laces is dedicated to ensuring an excellent shopping experience, and we have a long list of satisfied customer reviews to prove it.

Quality Packaging – For the laces to get to you in the best condition possible, we use quality and strong packaging. The laces are sealed in a sturdy and air-tight plastic bag.

Fast Worldwide Shipping – Expedited shipping means you don’t have to wait long for your new laces. We get it to you in a short time.
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