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Deluxe Hoodie Strings with Gold Tips for a Snug Fit & Added Chic

Has your hoodie gone completely limp? It might be because you’re using the original hoodie strings that came with it.

It doesn’t take long for these strings to look boring or wear out - which will make it next to impossible to tighten your hoodie properly.

The solution?

Replacing them with other basic hoodie strings won’t increase your street cred. You wanna rock your hoodies, right?

You need hoodie strings with some serious muscle. LoopKing hoodie strings feature the finest, most durable materials, which is how they’re able to outshine other brands.

For extra customization, our hoodie strings come in a variety of bold colors and designs - including:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Striped
  • Orange
  • Many more

Not only that, but we have the perfect solution for frayed ends - our luxury gold aglet tips. They eliminate this while looking ritzy and sophisticated. In fact, the shiny gold tips will add some additional oomph to your hoodie, giving it a more high-end appearance.

There are several sizes available to achieve a firm fit without strangling you or leaving lengthy loose ends.

That way, you can match the strings with the color of the hoodie for extra style (or with your pants/shoes/shoelaces). Key features include:

-Top-tier materials

-Last 3x longer than other brands

-Plenty of colors and designs are available

-Embossed gold aglet tips that look great and prevent fraying

-Sealed & stunning packaging

-Varying lengths are available for different-sized hoodies

Whether you’re playing basketball on a cold day or are shooting the breeze with friends, our upmarket hoodie strings will never let you down (or leave your fashion out in the cold).