Stunning Burgundy Shoelaces That Will Enhance Your Entire Outfit

Is the beauty of your shoes held back by boring or basic shoelaces? Then you need to check out a pair of our burgundy shoelaces to put an end to the shoe crime.

Our burgundy laces are available in velvet, flat waxed, & rope for your convenience. Velvet is thick and heavenly soft, while rope laces are thinner and tighter.

If you’re looking to make a fashion statement above all else, velvet is a perfect choice. The laces are rich and extremely smooth. The burgundy color matches anything, so they’ll make your outfits look amazing.

At LoopKing™, our shoelaces effortlessly fit most major shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, and many others. Key features include:

Velvet, flat waxed, & rope burgundy shoelaces are available 

Branded LoopKing™ metal aglets

Premium materials

Gorgeous LoopKing™ packaging

The metal aglets look stylish and will help you tie your shoes with ease. Plus, a pair of our burgundy shoelaces will make an excellent gift - and our beautiful packaging furthers the case.
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