Premium Cotton Shoelaces That Outdo Other Brands in Every Way

Low-grade cotton makes for a low-grade shoelace. You can attest to this fact if you’ve ever sprung for cheap shoelaces out of desperation.

Not only do they look dull and underwhelming, but they also wear out incredibly fast. Once they begin to fray at the ends, it’s time to start writing their eulogy.

We want to provide you with a shoelace that’s beefy, extremely well made, and lasts for a super long time. After all, that’s the best way to get the most value for your money.

Nobody likes having to constantly replace shoelaces, which is why you need to make the switch to LoopKing. .

They provide plenty of dimension to the laces, and they stay tied better than round laces. At the same time, they’re softer and more comfortable than flat laces.

So if you’ve been having a hard time finding the perfect pair of laces for your sport, our premium quality oval shoelaces are the solution.

Key features include:

  • Premium quality cotton
  • Sealed & stunning packaging
  • High-quality aglet tips to prevent fraying
  • A simple cotton lace with a stunning appearance
  • A plethora of colors and patterns
  • Various lengths are available


Whether you’re wearing sneakers, runners, dress shoes, or even boots, our luxury cotton rope laces will fit them all with ease.

There are a ton of colors and patterns available, so you’ll be able to match your favorite styles in no time.

We offer what other brands don’t; simple cotton laces that look outstanding and last. These laces will make any pair of shoes look better, as they can’t help but draw attention to themselves.

LoopKing cotton laces are highly versatile, as they work for virtually every social situation. From taking a morning job to going out to dinner with friends and family, these cotton shoelaces will always make your shoes look amazing while providing adequate support and comfort for your feet.

To discover which length you need, count the sets of eyelets your shoes have, and then check our size guide.
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