Vibrant Red Hiking Boot Laces That Won’t Let You Down On the Trail

Our rope laces feature premium quality materials that provide superior durability to other brands. In fact, a pair of LoopKing boot laces will often outlast competitors up to 3x.

Not only that, but our laces don’t fray at the ends due to the embossed gold aglet tips that we use. They keep the ends of your laces in place, and they add an extra touch of fashion to the look of your laces.

If you’re a fan of red hiking boot laces, we have a wide variety to choose from at LoopKing. We have several color combinations including traditional red, red/black stripes, and other red/black patterns.

Key features include:

  • Premium quality cotton
  • Effortlessly fits most hiking boot brands (Timbergate, Thorogood, etc.)
  • A wide range of colors are available
  • Beautiful sealed packaging

Are you an avid hiker?

Then your hiking boots need a sturdy pair of laces to keep your feet firmly inside your boots while hiking. Not only do worn-out laces look bad, but they aren’t good for your foot health, either.

Frayed laces often won’t hold a knot as well as fresh laces, which leads to a looser overall fit for your boots.

That’s the last thing you want when hiking along a wet, muddy trail in a rainstorm. Worn-out laces could even cause your boots to rub blisters on your feet or even allow water to penetrate your socks - especially if you hike at a brisk pace.

That’s why you need our premium red hiking boot laces from LoopKing.

We know that not every boot has the same number of eyelets. That’s why we have multiple lengths available for your boot laces. To find out which length you need, count the sets of eyelets on your boots anduse this chart as a guide.
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