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Luxury Waxed Shoelaces Collection

Premium Cotton

Browse our range of Flat Waxed Laces below. Our Flat Waxed Laces are each made with Gold Embossed Aglets.

Loop King Laces strictly provide the Most Luxury Flat Waxed Laces Only, each made with Premium Wax. Our Flat Waxed Laces fit in a wide variety of trainers, sneakers, shoes and boots; Such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, Yeezys, Jordans, Pumas, Hi Tops and More. See the Premium Made Laces below.

As well as Flat Waxed Laces, we also offer Luxury Rope Laces and Luxury Leather Shoelaces.

Flat Waxed Laces are common for Luxury Sneakers, Dress Shoes and Boots. At Loop King Laces, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide selection of Flat Waxed Laces which are each made from Quality Cotton, Premium Wax and Gold Embossed Aglets.

The aglets we install are designed to prevent fraying and damage to your laces over time. Extending their duration on your sneakers. By including metallic aglets on all of our laces, we are working to ensure a longer lifespan for all of our custom laces.

The premium quality wax that we add to our Flat Waxed Laces is a component that helps with waterproofing and preventing dirt and grime from building up in your shoelaces as time goes on. The wax continues to keep the color of the laces in check and it can ensure the laces can carry the style that is accustomed to the look of a premium quality sneaker.

If you're looking for a style of lace that you might typically find on a good pair of Jordans or Pumas, the Flat Waxed Laces from Loop King Laces can be extremely complementary to your sneaker style. Whether you need access to a shoelace for replacing old laces or upgrading your style to customize for use, we have all options available.

If you need anything at all, please visit our Contact Page to get in touch! If you would like to know the best shoelaces size for your shoes, then please visit our Shoelace Size Chart. Thank you.

Premium Flat Shoe Laces

Flat shoelaces are a classic that breathes freshness and functionality. Our premium line of flat shoelaces perfect for trainers like the Adidas Superstar trainers and Converse All Star trainers.

It's advisable to always replace your shoelaces like, for like especially for trainers. Many trainers are supplied with flat shoelaces organically. With our premium quality flat laces, you can maintain the original style of the shoe and, most importantly, comfort and functionality.

Our flat shoe laces come in a variety of colors and lengths. If you’re not sure what length of shoe lace works for your trainers or sneakers, our size chart can help guide you towards the recommended length.

Why Choose Loop King Laces?

Quality – Our range of flat shoe laces are made from premium cotton for the best quality and high friction. You can buy our flat laces waxed or unwaxed depending on your preference, and they come with metal aglets for durability and to prevent fraying at the ends.

Variety – Choose from a broad range of colors to match your sneakers or trainers for waxed and unwaxed laces. Waxing adds an element of waterproofing to the laces and prevents the build-up of grime and dirt over time.

Fast Shipping – Get your new flat shoe laces in record time with our fast and safe shipping worldwide. For shipping, we use strong and air-tight packaging to ensure the laces arrive in the best possible condition.