Luxurious Rhinestone Shoe Laces That Will Add Loads of Flair to Your Footwear

Are you looking for some unique laces to give you that glam look? Then our diamond shoe laces are the perfect remedy.

Adding them to any pair of shoes will enhance their appearance and make them look sparkly. Your friends and family will swear that you got a new pair of shoes (whether you did or not) once they see your high-end rhinestone laces.

They’ve got it all - bling, pop, flair, intrigue, sophistication, and more. You can use them on sneakers, oxfords, running shoes, formal shoes, and more.

We design our shoelaces to fit most major shoe brands with, so check out our 3 gorgeous diamond colors available:

Key features include:

  • Crystal
  • Light rose/Rose gold
  • Black diamond

The variety will allow you to try out fun new looks for each set of shoes in your wardrobe.

We only use the highest quality materials for our shoelaces, so they won’t fade or fray. We also include our branded LoopKing metal aglets on the tips of each lace. They feature high-end metals and engravings, and they’ll help you tie your laces with ease. Key features include: 

- 120cm length that fits most shoes

- High-quality materials

- 100% fire resistant

- 3 beautiful colors are available

Do you know someone that loves bling and diamonds? Then our diamond shoe laces will make an excellent gift!
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