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Our Black Shoe Laces come in multiple variations such as plain color, stripe and spotted. Black Shoe Laces are the perfect go-to color all for sorts of sneakers making them the ultimate sneaker strings for many different colorways. All of our metal tip laces are made from Premium Materials, making our Black Shoe Laces pop on the shoe.

From Vans to Jordans to Chuck Taylors, classic black laces make the perfect upgrade. Black laces are an invaluable addition to your collection because they double up as a great accent when matched with the right shoes. Our selection of black laces features different types of laces made from the best quality materials like leather and cotton.

All our black laces are fitted with metal aglet for longevity and elegance. All our laces come with an imprinted crown on the aglets to give the laces that royal feel.

Buy Rope, Flat, Waxed and Leather Black Laces

We have different types of black laces for all types of sneakers and vans. Our comprehensive collection of black laces is all you need to get the right laces for your shoe.

Rope – Our collection of black rope laces works for different types of shoes. The laces are durable, stylish, and come in different finishes. You can find our black rope laces in a solid black, black and white stripes and a variety of other finishes to match different shoe designs.

Flat – Black flat laces are a jack of all trades. They work for trainers, sneakers, boots, and Vans. Black laces are not only stylish but have high friction, which keeps them from being undone.

Waxed – Our collection of waxed laces is perfect if you want to keep a crisp and clean look without much maintenance for your shoelaces. Waxing laces waterproofs them prolonging their life and also prevents them from the build-up of dirt and grime.

Leather – You will love our collection of luxury leather laces. Elegant in every description, our collection of black leather laces works when you will settle for nothing but style. Accented by gold metal tips, your new black leather laces are an attention grabber.

Black Laces for All Sneakers

Our black laces make great replacements or upgrades. Whether you’re looking to improve your shoe game or replace the original laces, our collection of laces has everything you need.

All our black rope and flat laces are made from high-quality cotton, while the leather varieties are made from the best quality leather.

Instead of glue or plastic aglets, we settle for metal aglets, which are our identity, and also improve the quality of the laces, ensuring longer service. The laces are braided using the best practices to ensure strength, durability, and an aesthetic appeal.


The quality of our laces is not enough. It is imperative the shoelaces get to you in the best condition. To ensure safe transit, we use strong and durable packaging that is airtight. This ensures the laces get to you in the best condition and ready to go on your sneakers.
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