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Glow in the Dark Shoelaces to Have Fun & Stay Safe at Night

Do you often head out at nighttime? It’s best to make sure that at least some part of your outfit is reflective or glows in the dark.

A fun and effective solution is to use our high-end glow in the dark shoelaces. They will glow brightly enough at night to let others notice you’re sporting some night time fashion.

Even when they aren’t glowing in the dark, these shoelaces always maintain a pristine appearance. That’s thanks to the premium fabrics that we use for all our laces, as well as our branded metal aglets.

You also get to choose flat or round shoelaces based on your preference.

Key features include:

  • 120 cm in length
  • 100% fire resistant
  • Premium quality materials for the laces and aglets
  • Glow in the dark materials that will last

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

What’s the difference?

Rope laces are stiffer and maintain their shape longer, while flat laces provide some stylistic flair to the appearance of the shoe. Flat laces also tend to be easier to feed through the eyelets. Both work equally well, so it comes down to your personal taste.

All our shoelaces feature LoopKing™ branded metal aglets. We use high-end metals to create them, so they’ll last awhile. They’re also perfect for getting a sturdy grip on your laces so you can tie them to perfection.

If you plan on being out past sunset, having a pair of our glow in the dark shoelaces on your shoes is a great idea. That way, if you happen to stay out past dark, your shoelaces will help light the way home while signaling to others your fashion sense.