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Our Grey Shoe Laces come in multiple variations such as plain color, stripe and spotted. Grey Shoe Laces fit into the "monochrome" category of laces. They are perfectly colored, with the stripe and spot variations enhancing the secondary color! All of our metal tip laces are made from Premium Materials, making our Grey Shoe Laces pop on the shoe.

Loop King Laces has a variety of grey laces that blend with sneakers of different colors. Our goal is to provide all sneaker owners with a variety of laces to upgrade the look of their sneakers. Our high end and premium laces are not only classy but also durable, ensuring you get the most out of your new laces.

You can get our grey sneaker strings in plain solid grey, striped and spotted with a secondary color to give the laces more diversity.

We have grey laces in various lengths to suit different shoes. With a little help from our size chart, you can determine which shoelace length works best for your shoes.

Buy Rope, Flat, Waxed and Leather Grey Laces

Our grey laces come in different styles:

Rope – Grey rope laces are cross-stitched to make them stronger than any other type of laces and prevent fraying. Rope laces, also known as round laces, are perfect for high top sneakers and boots.

Flat – We have flat grey laces in a variety of colors. Each of our flat laces is made from the best quality cotton with metal aglets for durability and elegance.

Waxed – We source premium quality wax to layer our cotton flat laces. Waxing the laces prevents fraying and makes the laces easy to clean with as little as a quick wipe when they get dirty.

Leather – Leather laces are our premium luxury laces collection. Our leather laces are made from the best quality cowhide. Other than their elegant look, the leather laces are waterproof and fire-resistant.

Loop King Laces is about providing premium quality laces that stamp style on your sneakers. We don’t cut corners when making our laces to ensure we provide passionate sneaker owners with various, quality laces to pair up with their sneakers.

Grey Laces for All Sneakers

We have grey laces for all types of sneakers and textile shoes. With different tones and shades of grey laces, you will find the right pair of grey laces with us.

All our grey laces are made using the best practices to ensure the best quality and best-looking laces in the market. Our laces also feature gold-tip metal aglet imprinted with our brand and symbol as a sign of quality and class.

We prefer metal aglets because they last longer and prevent fraying more effectively. The metal aglets also give an elegant contrast to all our shoelaces.

Quality packaging

Our passion for quality doesn't stop with our laces. We also provide quality, tight zip-seal packaging to keep out dirt and dust from the laces when shipping.

Fast shipping

We will deliver your new shoelaces straight to your doorstep in record time. We work round the clock to ensure our customers get their new laces in the shortest time possible and the best condition.
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