40 Inch Shoelaces

Our range of 40-inch long laces is perfect for your Nike Vapormax sneakers, Nike Max Zero, New Balance 997s, Adidas Pure Boost, and a variety of other sneakers with 5 – 6 pairs of eyelets. The laces come in different types and colors to suit various needs.

You can check our vast range of 40-inch laces to find replacement laces or give your sneakers an upgrade by opting for our rich color and design collection.

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Choose from a Wide Variety of Colors

We offer 40 inch long laces in tons of different colors and patterns, making it easier for you to find the right color to complete your look.

The laces come in solid colors ranging from neutral to bold and vibrant colors, and we also have different patterns if you want to mix things up a bit. In addition to the vast selection of colors, you can also choose from various widths, depending on the type of shoes. We have narrow, standard, and fat laces.

If you have some skating shoes like the Nike Men’s Dunk Low Pro IWs, the Fallen Men’s Slash Skateboard shoes, or other similar types, fat laces are a great way to make a fashion statement and amplify the look of your shoes.

All Types of Laces Under One Roof

At Loop King™ Laces, we emphasize quality and variety to make it easy for all sneaker lovers to find laces that appeal to their taste and the shoes they have in mind. In addition to stocking our 40-inch laces in different colors and widths, we also have them available in different types to cater to all kinds of shoes, not just the sneakers.

Flat Laces – We have an extensive collection of flat laces. This type of lace works for any shoe, and we have them available in different colors and patterns. For longevity, our flat laces are cross-stitched.

Waxed Laces – We offer a unique type of flat lace that is coated with a premium wax. The wax not only strengthens the laces farther but also makes it easy to clean them.

Rope Laces – Rope laces can work on most types of shoes. However, we recommend you purchase them if you use your shoes for vigorous activities like playing and hiking. Our rope laces are triple-braided for extra strength and come in various patterns.

Leather Laces – For that undisputed classy and elegant look, go for leather laces. Luxury leather laces are a fashion statement, and we make them to enhance the look of your sneakers.

Buy Your 40 Inch Laces from Loop King™ Laces

Variety – Diversity is one of our strengths. We believe in offering shoe lovers as many options as possible to make it easy for them to find the perfect pair of laces.

Quality – Our other strength is quality. All our laces are made from premium materials like cotton for the rope and flat laces and premium cowhide leather for the leather laces. The laces are fitted with metal aglets to make them extra durable.

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