Metal Shoe Aglets

Spice up your current shoelaces with our Replacement Golden Tips. Our Gold Metal Tips are easily applied to your current shoelaces by using the Clip-on feature each of our tips is made with. Simply place the golden tip over your current aglets, and curve the back to get it locked in. Simple as that.

We include 4 metal tips to ensure you pair of laces are fully equipped! Each comes embossed with LOOP KING and our Symbolic Crown

One of the best ways to spice up the look of your sneakers is by adding metal aglets to your shoelaces. Sneakerheads are starting to appreciate the change that a simple pair of metal aglets can do the look of their favorite sneakers.

With our collection of slick metal aglets made from high-quality materials, standing up and standing out from the crowd is simple. Our metal aglets are designed in our own style, complete with an imprint of our brand name "Loop King™” and a crown symbol to give the aglets a royal feel.

Why Metal Shoe Aglets?

At Loop King™ Laces, metal aglets come as a standard with all our laces. We have made the sound and conscious design to stock metal aglets for our laces and yours too for various reasons:

  • Better Cosmetic Appearance – Metal aglets are the easiest way to upgrade the appearance of your sneakers. They are not only effective in enhancing the look of your sneakers but are affordable despite the dramatic upgrade of the look of your sneakers. With your metal aglets, you can also upgrade the look of your laces with minimal effort.
  • Durability – Compared to other types of aglets like plastic and molded aglets, metal aglets are the most durable. Our metal aglets are made from the best quality materials and processors to extend their durability. Besides lasting for a long time, our metal aglets keep their shine for a long time, ensuring you retain the alluring and exquisite look of your sneakers for a longer time.
  • Better Protection – Metal aglets don’t come off as easily as plastic and molded aglets. As a result, the aglets prevent fraying at the ends of the shoelaces. The ends of the laces are susceptible to damage and fraying without proper protection. With our metal aglets, you can get more service out of our shoelaces and keep them looking pristine for a longer time.
You can never go wrong with our range of metal tips. We source the best materials for our metal aglets to ensure they serve the purpose and look the best for the longest time possible.

How to Use Metal Aglets

The easiest way to get the best out of our metal aglets is to purchase a pair of shoelaces from our diverse collection of laces that come pre-fitted with the metal aglets.

Alternatively, if you already have an excellent pair of shoelaces, you can purchase our metal aglets and crimp them on your shoelaces.

The aglets are customized and made to measure. You only need to set them in place and crimp them into place.

Premium Metal Aglets

Metal aglets are the future of shoelaces, particularly for sneakers. At Loop King™ Laces, we raise the stakes higher by taking the already impressive metal aglets and turning them into a premium product that shoe lovers and sneakerheads will love.

Our metal aglets are molded from the highest quality materials with intricate designs that bring the best out of your sneakers.

The aglets feature imprints of our reputable brand and a royal crown symbol that is unmistakable and gives the aglets a regal feel.
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