Gorgeous Shoelace Earrings for a Trendsetting Style

Are you tired of wearing the same earrings every day

Then you need to diversify your look with our beautiful & unique shoelace earrings.

They feature our elite-level LoopKing laces that contain premium materials, such as:

  • Fine leather
  • High-quality cotton
  • Soft and rich velvet
  • Shimmering rhinestones
  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Waxed laces

Given the wide variety of materials and colors available, you’ll be able to match your earrings with your outfits with total ease – and the possibilities are endless.

For instance, picture yourself showing up to a lavish party rocking a high-end red dress with lush red velvet lace earrings adorning your lobes for an eccentric yet refined look.

Or you could opt for a darker shade of earrings along with shades, a denim jacket, and a black skirt to look like a super-cool punk rocker.

Our shoelace earrings also feature embossed gold tips for an additional dose of visual flair and to prevent the ends of the laces from fraying at the ends – which is a big reason why our laces outlast other brands by 3x.

LoopKing shoelace earrings are 60cm/24 inches long, which is the perfect length for a shoelace earring. They’re just long enough to draw attention to the premium materials but short enough not to get in your way while you’re on the go.
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