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Be ready to answer “Where’d you get those off-white shoelaces?!”

Vibrant Colors

Browse our range of Off-White "SHOELACES", with the added luxury of our golden tips below. Perfect for Jordan 1, Air Force 1 and Others.

Loop King Laces bring to you Off-White Style "SHOELACES" with our premium golden tips. Each lace is made from luxury cotton with the fine print of the Off-White Styled "SHOELACES". Browse our range below.

As well as Off-White Style Shoelaces, we also offer Luxury Leather Shoelaces, Luxury Flat Waxed Laces and Luxury Rope Laces

Loop King Laces are proud to announce our Range of Off-White "SHOELACES" with the added extra of our Symbolic Golden Tips.

Off-White have been top of the game in both exclusivity and popularity, mixing with the Jordan Range. We saw this as an opportunity to provide Sneakers worldwide with a range of Off-White "SHOELACES" that can match their kicks.

You can buy the best Off-White "SHOELACES" only with us. Our Premium Quality Cotton is worlds apart and ensures your laces are long-lasting and fresh. We have 7 colors of Off-White shoelaces, Black, Orange, Green, White, Purple, Light Blue and Blue. Choose your colors and get lace swapping. For extra savings, check our Off-White "SHOELACES" Full Colors Pack!

If you need anything at all, please visit our Contact Page to get in touch! If you would like to know the best shoelaces size for your shoes, then please visit our Shoelace Size Chart. Thank you.

Premium Off White Laces

Each of our off white shoelaces is designed to match the original shoe laces right down to the “SHOELACES” print on both ends of the shoe lace.

The off white shoe laces come in different solid colors each featuring gold tip metallic aglets with a crown imprint for superior quality and that royal feel.

You can choose from a broad range of colors to match your sneakers and preference. Despite the color you prefer, you can rest assured that each of the laces is made from the highest quality cotton to ensure longevity and value for your money.

Why Choose Loop King Laces?

Diversity – We have a wide range of colors you can choose for your off white laces. No matter what color your sneakers are, we have just the color of off white shoe laces that will upgrade your look.

Happy Customer Reviews – Your shopping experience is only second to the quality of our product. We pride ourselves in providing the best shopping experience, and the tons of happy customer reviews is proof enough.

Return Policy – The quality of our products speaks for itself. We are sure you will love our shoe laces. If you don't, you can ship them back to us in 30 days, and we will offer a refund with no questions asked.

Quality packaging – Our strong and airtight packaging ensures you get your new shoelaces in the best state possible.