New Balance Shoe Laces - Upgrade Your Look

New Balance has made a name for itself making comfortable and quality shoes that offer support and stability for all people. The brand is currently surging in its production of basketball sneakers after signing a top basketball player in the NBA as its brand ambassador. With its unique and American approach to sneakers, New Balance could be chasing popular brands like Adidas in no time.

Like other shoe brands, New Balance focuses on making quality shoes and functional shoelaces. The lack of colour and variety in the shoelaces gives you an opportunity to improve the look of your New Balance sneakers even further and we have just the laces that could add life and colour to your favourite sneakers.

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New Balance Sneakers come in different colors and finishes. To ensure you have enough variety to work with any color of sneakers you have, we provide you with an excellent collection of shoelace colors.

Our diverse colors feature plain, spotted and striped options to give you even more options that make it easy to upgrade the look of your sneakers.

Buy Rope, Flat, Waxed, or Leather New Balance Laces

With the different type of shoelaces we have, you can easily upgrade the look of your shoes without compromising the functionality of the shoes.

Rope Laces – Rope laces are functional and strong. If you like hiking and trail-walking, rope laces are perfect. With our collection of rope laces, you can bring an aspect of color and fashion without compromising functionality. Our rope laces are triple-braided for longevity and extra strength.

Flat Laces – Flat laces work on just about any shoe, but we recommend them for trainers and sporting shoes. These laces are comfortable and hold your foot firmly in place. Because most New Balance shoes come with flat laces, our collection offers you an excellent opportunity to spice up your sneakers while remaining true to the design of the sneaker. In addition to color, our flat laces come in different finishes which present you with an opportunity to try out different styles on your shoes.

Waxed Laces – Our waxed laces bring color and stress-free maintenance to the look of your shoes. The laces are coated with a layer of premium wax that keeps water, dirt and grime away allowing the stunning laces to stay cleaner for longer.

Leather Laces – For an outstanding look and excellent appearance, you should try our collection of leather laces. Our leather laces come in various solid colors with gold accents at the tips. Our leather laces are your best bet at a dramatic and attention-grabbing look.

Premium New Balance Shoe Laces

At Loop King Laces, our goal is to build laces that not only help you improve how your shoes look but also work with your shoe to help you achieve your goals.

To achieve this, we only make our laces from the best quality materials like cotton and cowhide leather for the different laces. We also use the best practices when making the laces to ensure they are strong and durable. Finally, we use metal aglets on all our laces to prevent fraying. The metal aglets also add extra elegance to the look of the laces and shoes.
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