Converse Laces to Revamp Your Chucks

Converse has a rich history that dates back to 1917 when the brand was founded. The Converse Chuck Taylors became a hit when they were first released and were sported by every NBA player back in the day.

Today, Converse has a variety of shoes in different designs and continues to be one of the best sellers in the market. While there’s no doubting the class and style that comes with wearing a pair of Converses, there’s always room for some improvements and our collection of laces is the perfect way to go about it.

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One of the factors that have kept Converse relevant for so long is the richness of color. You can find Converses in a multitude of colors. To keep up, our laces come in an extensive range of colors. You can match or contrast your Converses depending on your preferences.

Buy Flat, Rope, Waxed, or Leather Converse Laces

You can also try out different types of laces and see how they look on your All Stars.

Flat laces – Flat laces are the staple for Converse. All Converse sneakers come with flat laces. If you want to upgrade the look without shaking things up, peruse through our wide range of flat laces for the best options.

Rope laces – If you make the right pick, rope laces can look great on your All Stars. We have a wide range of triple-braided rope laces that are strong and appealing and will look great on your shoes.

Waxed Laces – If you wear your Converses often and don’t like having to clean the laces every time they get dirty, our waxed laces are the perfect solution. The premium wax on the laces makes them waterproof and shields them from dirt and dust. When cleaning the laces all you have to do is wipe them to restore their clean and elegant look.

Luxury leather laces – For a drastic change, you should consider going for our luxury leather laces. They come in a variety of colors most of which look stunning on your sneakers. It also helps that the laces are strong and retain their shine for a long period of time.

Premium Converse Shoe Laces

We are committed to providing all sneakerheads with the best laces for all shoes. We go to great lengths to source for the best materials and practices for our laces to ensure they last longer without losing their allure.

We use quality cotton for our flat and rope laces, which are triple stitched for strength and durability. To layer our waxed laces, we use premium quality wax and cowhide leather for our leather laces.

Finally, we add metal aglets to our laces to prevent fraying. We prefer metal aglets because they are stronger and don’t easily come out. They also add an aesthetic factor to the laces.

Quality Packaging

To keep the laces safe during shipping, we use strong and quality packaging. We ship our laces in airtight, zip sealed packaging that keeps dirt and dust out to ensure the laces arrive in pristine condition.
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