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Adidas Ultra Boost is a premium running shoe renowned for its sick sense of style and enhanced support. 

They’re great for walking, jogging, sprinting, hiking, or just hanging out and looking fly. 

Yet, even the sexiest pair of shoes can grow dull over time. If you’ve had your Ultra Boosts for a while now, you’re probably craving something new. 

But how can you alter the look of your shoes without buying a new pair?

The easiest and most effective way is to try out new lacing patterns. Armed with a new pair of premium laces, you can achieve all sorts of stylish and practical looks for your Adidas Ultra Boost shoes. 

How you lace your shoes also directly impacts your foot health, with specific lacing methods lowering your risk of injury while running. 

That’s why knowing more than just one lacing method pays off. 

To provide you with as much variety as possible, here’s 7 different ways to lace Ultra Boosts to add visual flair, style, and comfort.     

1. Runner’s Loop 

First up is the classic runner’s loop, the ideal lacing method for most runners and joggers. 

Why is that?

It’s because the runner’s loop provides an ultra-tight fit that’s not likely to loosen – even if you’re running on rough terrain. It’s also an excellent lacing method for long-distance runners, so bear that in mind if you run 10+ miles regularly. 

This lacing style also decreases pressure on the top of your foot and prevents your foot from sliding inside your shoe, which will help you avoid blisters. Here’s how to lace up the runner’s loop:

  • Begin by threading the shoe laces from the outside through the set of bottom eyelets. 
  • Make sure you have an even amount of lace on each side before proceeding. 
  • Cross the ends of each lace, and thread them through the eyelets on the opposite side to form an X (i.e., the left lace through the right eyelet and the right lace through the left eyelet). 
  • Continue this lacing pattern until you reach the top of the shoe, ensuring each X is nice and tight. 
  • At the last set of eyelets, thread each lace from the outside in on the same side. (i.e., the left lace comes out of the left eyelet, and vice versa). This creates a tiny vertical loop. 
  • Pull each lace across and through the loop on the opposite side (the right through the left, and vice versa) to form another X. 
  • Tie the shoe laces in your chosen knot (we recommend a double-tied bow knot for added strength). 

It may seem complicated at first, but the runner’s loop is actually quite simple to master, and it will protect your feet when running. 

2. Straight Lacing 

Next, we have a lacing method that is primarily decorative but does have the added benefit of relieving pressure on the upper ridges of your feet. That means it’s the perfect lacing method if you have sensitivity or bone spurs on the tops of your feet. 

Straight lacing is a great way to show off your Ultra Boosts when they’re fresh out of the box. 

It’s a trendy look that works for parties, skating, hanging out with friends, and more. 

You may hear it referred to as ‘fashion lacing’ due to its unique visual flair. Here’s how to achieve this shoe lacing pattern:

  • Thread the shoe laces through the outside on the bottom row of eyelets, ensuring you have an equal amount of lace on both sides. 
  • Run the left lace up on the inside directly above it, and then straight across to the right on the outside – forming a straight line. 
  • Run the right lace on the inside of the shoe until the third outlet, and then run it straight across. 
  • Repeat alternating straight lines between the left and right lace until you reach the top of the shoe. 
  • Tie the shoes using your preferred knot. 

As you can see, straight lacing is a straightforward lacing method that you can learn in just a few minutes, and it’s a powerful tool to have in your repertoire. 

3. DS Knot (Deadstock) 

Ultra Boost in a deadstock knot.

DS-style or the DS-knot stands for ‘deadstock,’ which refers to how a new pair of shoes looks when it arrives from the factory. 

Most shoes will come laced a certain way with a special knot that’s similar to the classic bunny ears but with a twist

It’s a unique way to tie your shoes that replicates the look, and feel of your Ultra Boost when you first got them. As such, it’s a great way to make an old pair of shoes appear new again, especially if you clean and polish them first. 

If you only know the bunny ears method for tying your shoes, the DS knot is the perfect knot to start with, as it’s quite easy to achieve. Here’s how to do it:

  • As far as lacing goes, lace your shoes in the traditional criss-cross pattern (alternating each lace with the opposite eyelet). 
  • Make an ‘OK’ sign with your hand, and pinch the laces in between. Tuck in your middle finger for extra reinforcement. 
  • Wrap the laces around your index and middle finger to form a loop. 
  • Feed the other end of the shoe laces through the loop you’ve created, but stop halfway. 
  • With half of the laces still sticking out, tighten the loop until it secures into a knot. 

In a nutshell, you’re creating a loop with two fingers and then feeding the laces halfway through it before tightening. Despite its simplicity, it’s a unique lacing style that will alter the look of your Ultra Boosts.     

Replacement Laces for your Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes: LoopKing Style

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4. ‘HypeBeast’ Lacing 

We can’t write a ‘how to lace Ultra Boosts’ article without mentioning the infamous ‘hypebeast’ or ‘uncaged’ style. 

It’s so notorious because it uses the Ultra Boost’s lace cage, a unique feature of the shoe. Essentially, each row of eyelets has a ‘lace cage’ underneath it that forms the Adidas logo

People quickly found that you could lace an Ultra Boost by using the eyelets and running the shoe laces in and out through the gaps in the lace cage

It provides a loose-fitting, wild animal-type look to the shoes. 

It’s great for casual wear, especially if you’re not a fan of tying your shoes. In fact, whenever you use this lacing method, you don’t have to tie your shoes at all

So if you love the thought of hopping out of bed, slipping on your Ultra Boosts, and heading straight out the door, HypeBeast style is for you. Here’s what you need to do to achieve it:

  • Thread the laces from the outside through the bottom set of eyelets like any other lacing style. 
  • Instead of going for the next set of eyelets, cross the laces and run them through the lace cage on the opposite side. 
  • Now cross the shoe laces again and go through the next set of eyelets. 
  • Repeat the process of going through the lace cage first and then through the next set of eyelets until you reach the top of the shoe. 
  • Once you reach the final pair of eyelets, let the shoelaces hang loose. By now, there should only be a tiny bit of loose lace hanging out. 

With that, the HypeBeast look is complete, and you’ll never have to tie your shoes again! 

5. Gap Lacing 

This method is ideal for those with foot sensitivity, heel spurs, bone spurs, and plantar fasciitis. 

The idea with gap lacing is to skip over the areas of your feet that are the most sensitive

As an example, if your heels cause you the most grief, you can leave a gap toward the top of the shoe. 

The same is true if your toes cause you pain and sensitivity – you can skip a pair of eyelets or two at the bottom. 

This technique will also improve ankle flexibility. So if you’ve noticed your ankles a bit stiff when walking or running, try out this lacing method. Here’s how to do it:

  • Run the laces straight across on the inside and out through the bottom set of eyelets. 
  • Cross the ends at each pair of eyelets and thread the laces through the opposite eyelet (identical to the criss-cross method). 
  • Stop the pattern before you reach the sensitive area of your foot. 
  • Instead of lacing through the eyelets, run the laces on the inside through each side, making a gap. 
  • Resume the criss-cross method above the gap until you reach the top of the shoe. 

Remember to leave gaps in strategic areas where you feel the most sensitivity/pain. 

6. Factory Lacing

This lacing technique gets its name from the fact that most shoe stores would feature this eccentric style of lacing straight from the factory. 

It’s a cool look where one lace runs from the bottom to the top while the other zig-zags through the eyelets, creating an almost 3D effect. 

It’s primarily a visual technique that yields little to no practical value, but it looks so cool that you probably won’t care. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go straight across on the outside and in through the bottom pair of eyelets. 
  • Run the left lace from the bottom eyelet on the left to the top eyelet on the right, forming a diagonal line. 
  • Run the right lace diagonally up and left on the inside and then straight across on the outside. 
  • Repeat the process on the right lace until you reach the top. 

This technique is sure to turn heads, so it’s worth taking the time to learn it.    

7. Pulley Lacing 

Last, we have ‘pulley lacing,’ which provides an extraordinarily tight fit that will keep your feet firmly in place, especially your heels.

It works by creating a small series of pulleys that provide extra tightening power to the shoe. 

You’ll want to use this technique if you regularly go hiking, running, or climbing in your Adidas Ultra Boosts. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Until you reach the second-to-last eyelet, you lace the shoe using the traditional criss-cross method. 
  • Run the ends up on the outside and in through the top eyelets, making small loops. 
  • Cross each end, and then feed them into the loops on each side. 
  • Return the ends to the middle and tie each shoe – which will pull the vertical sections inwards. 

This method will keep your shoes nice and tight, but it’s not recommended if you prefer a looser fit (go for HypeBeast style instead). 

How to Lace Your Ultra Boost Pair in 7 Super Fab Ways

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Different lacing methods will help you achieve new looks for your Ultra Boosts, as well as help them fit better, provide more support, and relieve pain. 

Too few people are aware of how important lacing methods are for maintaining optimal foot health, which is why we put together this article. To make your Adidas Ultra Boosts last even longer, we’d like you to consider LoopKing luxury rope laces. We use premium materials that make our laces last 3x longer than other brands. They also feature gold aglet tips and come in various colors, so don’t wait to order a pair today.

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