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Human Race Laces

The Adidas Human Race is a one of a kind sneaker filled with style and class. It’s a fashion statement for everyone that wears it and utterly comfortable.

The sneakers come in many different colours and designs. Despite how great the Human Race looks, you can make it look even better by pairing it with our creative line of premium shoelaces that will make the colour and style of the shoe pop even better.

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Because the sneaker comes in numerous colors, you need laces that come in a wide range of colors to make it easy to pick a color that will pair well with your sneakers.

That is what we offer. Our laces come in various colors and finishes. You can choose to go with laces that blend with the color of sneakers for a matching look or go with a contrasting look to make the colors pop.

No matter which way you decide to go with the look of your sneakers, our diversity will provide you with precisely what you need.

Buy Flat, Rope, Waxed or Leather Human Race Laces

Rope laces - Rope laces are the stock option for Human Race sneakers. For sneakerheads that prefer to remain loyal to the rope laces, our range of triple-braided rope laces makes the best replacement laces for your sneakers.

Flat Laces – If you want to experiment with a different type of lace for a different look, you can try our flat laces. They come in a wide range of colors and widths so finding one that is to your liking is not going to be hard.

Waxed laces – We also have waxed laces. Waxed laces are flat laces coated with a layer of premium wax. Coating the laces with wax makes them stronger, more durable and waterproof. The wax coat also makes the laces easier to clean.

Leather Laces – For sneaker lovers that want to get the best look out of their sneakers, our leather laces are the best option. They come in bold colors and gold tip aglets for contrast and to bring out the best look out of your sneakers.

Premium Adidas Human Race Shoelaces

While we take pride in providing appealing laces, we take equal pride in making strong, premium Adidas Human Race shoelaces that keep their shine and last long.

We source the best materials for our line of shoelaces to ensure they can last longer while providing your shoes with an excellent look.

We use top-quality cotton for our flat and rope laces and premium cowhide leather for our leather laces.

In addition to the quality materials, we also use metal aglets for our laces. Metal aglets are the most durable and the gold finish on the metal aglets adds a dash of pop to the laces.

Quality packaging

During shipping, the laces are exposed to dirt and dust. To ensure the laces get to you in the best condition, we use airtight and zip-sealed packaging that keeps the dirt and dust out, so you get the laces in their best condition.