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Did you know that many fashion experts say shoes are the most important accessory for fashion? There are several reasons for this, including their universality, dual purpose, and their effect on a first impression. 

When people think of fashionable shoes, they often consider the style of the shoe and its color. But, there are other things you can do to make your shoes more stylish.

One way to do this is to braid shoelaces. Just as braids can do wonders for your hair, they can also make your shoes stand out. 

Most people pay little attention to their shoes. But, Psychology Today discusses how people around you often notice your shoes. In fact, your footwear may be the key to making a positive first impression. 

All of this explains why it matters how you braid a shoelace. Your shoes, and even your shoe laces, convey something about you to the people you meet. French-braided laces can suggest a fun and creative personality. 

So let’s look at the 6 steps to a better shoelace braid…

1. Pair Quality Shoelaces with Your Sneakers

First, look for the best shoelaces for your pair of sneakers. Sometimes, the default shoelaces for your sneakers may not suit your taste. Maybe you’d like brighter and more colorful laces for your shoes. 

Alternatively, maybe you already have a pair of shoes with old and worn-out laces. In these cases, it’s best to get new laces for your shoes

Worn-out laces won’t provide the same look as new laces. So, get the best replacements for your shoes before attempting to braid them. 

Once you have your new shoelaces, you can begin your braiding practice. We’ll explore the first step on how to braid a shoelace in the guide below. 

2. Lace Your Shoe & Tuck the Left Shoelace

A Photo of Woman Tying Her Shoes

Once you have your shoelaces, it’s time to lace the shoe. First, completely lace them up. It’s often best to do this in the cross-lace fashion. 

After you lace the shoes, pull the two strings tight. Then, take the left lace and tuck it under the bottom cross lace. 

Slowly, take the tip of the left lace and pull it out to the other side of the bottom cross-lace. After this, keep your grip on the lace and prepare for step three. 

3. Push the Right and Left Shoelace Together & Crisscross Them

The next step is to take the right shoelace and press it to the left lace. Then, crisscross the laces. 

Immediately after crisscrossing the laces, pull them out of their respective sides. This step gives you more lace to work with, which you’ll need for the coming steps. 

Once you complete this step, you’ll see the first braid in your shoelaces. From there, you can continue repeating this process to create more braids.

4. Continue Criss Crossing Your Laces

Continue criss crossing your laces.

Once you have the first braid in your shoelaces, continue repeating step three. Press your left and right laces together and crisscross them. Then, pull the shoe laces up and continue to your next knot. 

At this time, you should see the braid beginning to take shape. With each successive knot it should resemble a complete French braid. Continue doing this until you reach the top of the braid, then move on to the next step.

5. Tuck The Tops of Your Shoelaces

Tucking shoelaces.

You’ll eventually reach the top of your braid as you crisscross your laces. At this point, you may wonder what to do next.

Fortunately, this step is simple. Look to the sides of your shoes and locate the lace holes. Use the outer set of holes if you have two lace holes.

Once you find the right holes, take the tips of your shoe laces and insert them into their holes. Then, pull them tight so they don’t come loose. With this step, you’ve completed your braids!

6. Straighten Your Shoelace Braid

Braided shoelaces

After you tuck the shoelace tips into their holes, straighten your braid. Braids are often a little crooked when you first complete them.

Wiggle the braid into the center of your shoe. It sometimes helps to slide them off and ensure that the braid looks centered on each cross-laces. Do the best you can until the braid looks straight. 

Then, adjust the tongue of your shoe so that it also faces straight. This last touch gives your footwear a neat and orderly look, in addition to keeping your feet comfortable in the shoes. 

Find the Highest Quality, Premium Shoelace Today

Two pairs of feet wearing converse sneakers.

Learning how to braid shoelaces can be an excellent addition to your fashion arsenal. It provides an original look that many people fail to match. 

In doing so, it can distinguish your style from that of those around you. So, use these tips to try braiding your laces today!

But, braiding your laces only goes so far. You also need the best sets of laces to pull off this look.

Fortunately, you can find those right here. We offer several kinds of shoelaces, ranging from leather laces to rope laces

We also provide laces in several colors for a variety of shoes. We’ve got you covered, whether you like to rock a pair of Yeezys or ball it up in Jordans.

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