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Add Confidence to Your Stride with Luxury Cement Laces

Looking for a new shoelace design to spruce up your favorite pair of sneakers?

Then our cement laces are exactly what you need to mix things up (pun intended).

They feature a realistic cement print offered in various colors with different colored specs scattered throughout.

It’s a surprisingly fun pattern that will provide a visual upgrade to any pair of sneakers you have lying around.

Our shoelaces feature premium quality materials and will outlast other shoelace brands. The embossed tips add a touch of luxury while reinforcing the tips to prevent frays & tears, further extending their lifespan.

These stylish cement laces perfectly suit any occasion, from hanging out with friends to impressing first dates.

See the full list of features below:

  • Premium quality cotton
  • Embossed tips
  • Sealed & stunning packaging
  • Gorgeous cement print on flat laces
  • Will outlast other brands
  • Multiple lengths are available