Jordan is one of the most iconic sneaker brands with loyal fans of all ages. The brand has kept sneaker lovers on their toes with unique sneaker designs and some fantastic retro designs for ages.

The Jordan brand features highly customizable sneakers. With Jordan sneakers, you can try different color combinations to give your shoes a newer and better look. With the competition for attention among Jordan brand lovers at an all-time high, we have just the right Jordan laces to give your shoes an edge and make them pop.

Jordans Lace Sizing Guide


Nike Air Jordan 1 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 2 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 3 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 4 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 5 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 6 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 7 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 8 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 9 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 10 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 11 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 12 Shoelace Sizing

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Nike Air Jordan 13 Shoelace Sizing

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Not looking for an Air Jordan Shoelace Size Chart? We also have a general Shoelace Size Guide available!

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Choose from a Broad Range of Nike Jordan Lace Colors

At Loop King Laces, we believe variety is crucial in helping you get the right laces for your Jordan sneakers.

Our laces come in various lengths for the different Jordan sneakers. Whether you have high tops or low cuts, we have just the right length of shoelaces for your Jordan sneakers.

We also stock the laces in a rich collection of colors. We have bold, bright, attention-hungry colors and subtle, more laid-back options that provide you with an endless list of choices depending on the look you’re after.

Buy Flat, Waxed, Rope or Leather Jordan Laces

With Loop King Laces, you’re not only limited to the color of laces you can choose. Our laces also come in different types to give your sneakers the perfect look.

  • Flat Laces – Our collection of flat laces is the most popular. Flat shoelaces are perfect when looks are a priority. For the best aesthetic appeal and durability, our flat laces are made from the best quality cotton and are cross-stitched to prevent fraying and guarantee excellent results for longer.
  • Rope Laces – For active shoe lovers, we recommend rope laces. Rope laces present a blend of looks and functionality. They are strong, making them perfect for Jordan sneaker lovers that are sporty but still like looking trendy as they get out and about. Our rope laces are triple-braided for added strength and come in different finishes. You can get our rope laces in plain solid colors, spotted or striped depending on your preference.
  • Waxed Laces – The toughest part about being a sneakerhead is keeping your laces clean and grime-free. That’s why we have waxed laces. The laces are coated with premium wax that helps keep dirt away and also makes the laces easy to clean with as little as a quick wipe. Like our other lace varieties, waxed laces come in a variety of different colors to suit your look.
  • Leather Laces – For that premium and desirable look, we have leather laces. They are the epitome of trendiness and are the most luxurious Jordan laces. Our leather laces are made from premium cow-hide leather and come in various bold and beautiful colors.

At Loop King Laces, our goal is to provide sneaker lovers with high-quality shoelaces. We are loyal to the quality production process, and we don’t cut corners.

We source the best materials for your premium shoelaces and use the best practices to ensure we produce laces that make our customers proud and represent our brand’s morals.