Jordan 6 Lace Sizing

All shoelace size details are below, for any further help; please contact us.

Jordan 6 Infared
Jordan 6 Flight Jacket
Jordan 6 Doernbecher

About the Jordan 6 Laces

The Nike Air Jordan 6 comes in 2 variations. The Jordan 6 “High” and “Low”, fortunately the shoelace size for these two variations are the same. See below for the shoelace size for these Jordan 6 sneakers.

The size of the Air Jordan 6 Shoelace depends on how you want to lace them! Do you want them “Tied at the Top“? Or do you want them to “Hang“? We’ve labelled the size needed for these 2 styles below! (Please note, a higher shoelace size can perform both styles of tying the shoelace if needed!)



Jordan 6 “High” Shoelace Size


Jordan 6 “Low” Shoelace Size

54″ (140cm) To Tie Them

45″ (114cm) To Hang Them

Air Jordan 6 Shoelaces Type

See below for the type of shoelaces which are required for the Nike Air Jordan 6.




Nike Air Jordan 6

Lace Type Needed

Flat Leather Shoelaces

Or Flat Waxed Shoelaces

Popular Air Jordan 6 Colorways

Air Jordan 6 All Star

Nike Air Jordan 6 “All Star”

Released: February 17th 2017

Air Jordan 6 Alternate

Nike Air Jordan 6 “Alternate”

Released: March 11th 2017

Air Jordan 6 Gatorade

Nike Air Jordan 6 “Gatorade”

Released: December 16th 2017

Air Jordan 6 UNC

Nike Air Jordan 6 “UNC”

Released: December 2nd 2017

Where to Buy Nike Air Jordan 6 Shoelaces

You can buy all Nike Air Jordan 6 Laces from our website right now! Our laces were made to fit all sneakers out there, including the Nike Air Jordan series considering the range is one of the top selling sneaker ranges in history.

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