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Our White Shoe Laces come in multiple variations such as plain color, stripe and spotted. White Shoe Laces are the perfect go-to color all for sorts of sneakers making them the ultimate sneaker strings for many different colorways. All of our metal tip laces are made from Premium Materials, making our White Shoe Laces pop on the shoe.

Flat white laces work with all shoes and sneakers. But they work best with textile shoes like converse Vans or Stan Smith shoes.

You can choose from our extensive collection of plain, striped, or spotted white laces depending on your needs and the color of your shoes.

We offer white laces in different sizes and lengths. If you don’t know the ideal length of white shoe laces you need, we have a size chart that can help you determine the length that will work best for the shoes you have in mind.

Buy Rope, Flat, Waxed and Leather White Laces

We have different types of white leather laces to fit all sneakers and shoes. Our collection includes:

Rope – Our range of white rope laces is perfect for sneakers and boots. The laces are durable and easy to untie. The laces come in different lengths for different types and heights of shoes.

Flat – White flat laces are among the most common laces you will find. They come as a standard in most shoes. If you want to upgrade the look of your shoes without changing the color or shape of the laces, our flat white laces are just what your shoes need. Our flat white laces are made from high-quality cotton and are triple-braided to strength and a unique look.

Waxed – If you're extra cautious about getting your laces wet or dirty, our waxed laces are the solution you have been looking for. With our white waxed laces, you don't need to worry about getting smudges on your white laces. If you do, you can wipe them clean.

Leather – We set the bar high with our collection of luxury white leather laces. They are elegant and an excellent upgrade for all sneakers, textile shoes. Our white leather laces are more than functional, they are a fashion statement, and you will love how they look on your sneakers.

White Laces for All Sneakers

Our white sneaker strings will refresh the look of your shoes and bring out your style. We take time to make sure our white laces are the best quality and make your shoes look better.

Our white laces are different in many ways. The first and most obvious difference is that we don’t use plastic or glue aglets on our laces. All the laces come with stylish gold metal tip aglets that stay in place longer and make it easier to insert the laces into the eyelets.

The laces also come with a crown imprint on each of the aglets. The crown is our symbol of quality, and it also adds a sense of royalty to the laces and your overall look.


Our passion for laces does not stop with making quality laces. It extends to ensuring the laces get to you in the best possible condition. For this, we use strong, airtight packaging that protects the integrity of the laces in transit. When they get to you, the laces are ready to go on your sneakers.