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Drawstrings for Pants With Lavish Looks & Serious Muscle

Picture this; you’re working all day in your best formal wear, and all you want to do is head home and change into comfortable pants.

The only problem is the drawstrings are worn out or look dull and drab.

The solution?

We offer exceptionally durable drawstrings for pants.

The gold tips we use will prevent the ends of your drawstrings from fraying, which makes them last even longer. Key features include:

  • Premium quality materials
  • Embossed gold aglet tips
  • Sealed & stunning packaging
  • Various lengths available to accommodate different pant sizes
  • Tons of colors & patterns are available
  • Tough laces that outlast other drawstrings for pants with ease

That’s because we use high-end cotton and embossed gold aglet tips for our rope shoelaces, which is a big reason why they’re famous for outlasting other brands up to 3x - meaning they’ll keep your pants secured for many months to come.

In particular, the drawstrings that come with most pants are made from low-quality materials that will start to fray and fade after a short while, depending on how frequently you tighten or loosen your pants.

Once they’ve worn out, you won’t have a reliable way to comfortably keep your comfy pants up, and you won’t be able to unwind after work.

Besides the exceptional durability, our LoopKing laces look outstanding, and they will upgrade the look of your pants. Instead of cheap cloth drawstrings hanging from your pants, you’ll have brightly colored laces with ritzy gold tips.

With the multitude of colors & designs available, you’ll be able to color coordinate your outfits with ease. There are also numerous lengths available to accommodate your specific pant size.