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 Two Adidas Yeezy shoes, one gray and one black.

How do you lace your Yeezys? Do you only know the ‘bunny rabbit’ technique that you learned as a kid? 

Then you’re seriously limiting the fashion potential of your high-end sneakers designed by Kanye West

Altering the way you lace your shoes can make them look entirely different, not to mention adding a serious sense of style. 

Not everyone knows how to tie special knots, so being able to will set you apart from the crowd

If you’re able to pull off harder knots like the Noose Knot or the Yeezy Breezy, you’ll be able to effortlessly vary the look and feel of your Adidas Yeezy Boost 350.

Besides looking cool, these knots also have some practical value. For example, tying a ‘double slip’ or ‘secure’ knot won’t come undone on its own, which is ideal for an active lifestyle. 

Without further ado, here are 11 of the coolest and most practical ways to lace up your Adidas Yeezys.  

1. Fresh Outta the Box (Deadstock Knot) 

Think back to when you first opened the box containing your brand-new Yeezy Boost 350. Besides the heavenly smell, do you remember how they were laced?

They came with the factory lace, Deadstock (aka DS knot), a simple yet stylish way to wear your laces. It’s similar to the bunny ears method, but both loops face the same direction. A great starter knot, for sure

Being able to tie this knot tight will recreate the special feeling you had when you slipped on your brand-new Yeezys for the very first time. 

It’s also a simple knot to tie, so there’s not much learning involved. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Loop each lace through the eyelets so that you’re left with 9 – 10 inches of lace to tie the knot. 
  • Make sure the laces run side by side and aren’t crossing over each other. 
  • While holding the laces out, use your left hand to grip the laces at the bottom with your index finger and thumb. 
  • Wrap the laces around your left index finger to form a loop with a hole in it. 
  • Thread the laces through the loophole halfway, and then pull the knot up toward your toes. 
  • Loosen the laces appropriately so that the knot fits snugly. 

That’s all it takes to tie a dope-looking DS knot. 

2. Noose Knot 

The noose knot is a nice middle ground between the bow/bunny ears method and the DS knot. The knot looks nice, is easy to tie, and will keep your laces tied during the day. 

Here’s what you need to do to tie it:

  • Start by crossing one lace over the other, as if you’re doing the bunny ears knot. 
  • Pull the laces down tight on the shoe, and bring up one lace as if forming a bunny ear.
  • Wind the free lace around the bunny ear. It should come up to the midpoint of it.
  • Working your way down, continue winding the free lace around the bunny ear. Try to make at least four complete wraps of the lace. 
  • Feed the free lace through the gap in the bottom. 
  • With one hand, grab the top of the loop, and with the other, pull on the free lace feeding through the bottom to tighten the knot.

As you can see, this knot starts out as if you’re going the bunny ears route but ends up forming a cool noose-shaped knot.

3. Yeezy Breezy Style

If you’re feeling especially casual or don’t like the feel of tight laces on your feet, the Yeezy Breezy is the lacing method for you. 

What’s that?

It’s where you intentionally loosen the laces as much as possible to achieve a ‘floating’ effect. 

It looks cool and feels extremely comfortable. In fact, you may forget that you’re even wearing shoes using this method. 

It’s great if you’re not a fan of having to tie your shoes every time you go out – as they essentially become loose-fitting slip-on shoes. 

Yet, it’s not recommended for physical activities, as looser laces mean it’s easier to trip. 

There’s no tutorial required here; just loosen your laces until you achieve the look you want. Just make sure that they aren’t too loose that you wind up tripping over your laces. 

4. The Half Breeze 

Yeezys with loose laces.

If you’re a fan of the Yeezy Breezy look but don’t like sliding around all over the place, there is a compromise. The ‘half breeze’ is a condensed version of the untied look that provides a little more support. 

To achieve it, loosen your laces as you would if you were going for the Yeezy Breezy. Yet, stop loosening them before they become slip-ons, so leave a little bit of tension. 

Next, take each free lace and tuck them behind the tongue on the opposite side. In other words, take the right lace and tuck it behind the left side of the tongue, and vice versa. 

That will make the laces appear shorter than they actually are, which gives the appearance that you’re wearing custom laces. You’ll still look casual, but you’ll have an easier time walking around without your shoes slipping off.  

5. The Double Slip Knot 

Do you regularly jog, play sports, and take long walks in your Yeezy Boost 350? Then the Double Slip Knot is the perfect way to tie Yeezys. 

That’s because it’s the most secure knot that you can tie, and it will never come undone on its own. 

This knot effectively locks the laces in place, ensuring that your foot won’t move around inside the shoe when active. That will help prevent painful foot blisters, which is a definite plus. 

What’s even better is this is a simple knot to tie that shares many steps in common with the bunny ears method. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by crossing one lace over the other and pulling them down tightly. 
  • Double each lace back on itself to form loops or bunny ears. 
  • Criss-cross the bunny ears over each other so that the right loop is on the left side and vice-versa. 
  • Take the loop that’s in the back and wrap it around so that it’s in front. 
  • At the same time, take the loop in front and wrap it around the back, forming a hole in the middle. 
  • Feed both lace ends through the hole in the middle, and pull the loops to tighten the knot. 

Once this knot is in place, next to nothing will make it come undone. 

6. Curly Fries (Side) 

One of the most unique ways to lace your Yeezys is the ‘curly fries’ method, where each lace wraps around itself to resemble a curly fry. 

There are multiple ways to achieve this look, one of which has both ‘curly fries’ on both sides of the shoe. 

Pulling this off is sure to turn heads and draw attention, as it’s a very unique and dope look. 

  • Pull your laces through the first two eye holes on the inside, and then make sure each lace is even. 
  • Next, take the lace on the inside right eye hole and lace it through the outside right eyelet. 
  • Repeat the same process for the eyelets on the left side. The laces on both sides should form Xs. 
  • Make another X towards the top by crisscrossing the laces through the top eyelets. 
  • On each side, wrap the laces around themselves several times to form the ‘curly fry.’
  • Run the end of the lace up through the curls to secure it in place. 

Voila, you now have a unique and flashy way to lace up your high-end Yeezys. 

7. World’s Fastest Knot

If you don’t want to waste time tying your shoes and just want to get on with your day, this is the knot for you. 

The best part?

It’s also a cool-looking knot that will provide a fresh new look for your Yeezys. Here’s how to tie it:

  • Begin by crossing one lace over the other, just like the bunny ears method. 
  • Double back on each lace to form loops. 
  • Pull each loop counterclockwise so that the right faces left and vice-versa. 
  • Cross the loops, so they’re alongside each other. 
  • Pull the loose end of each loop through the hole in the middle. 
  • Tighten them both to complete the knot. 

Once you get this process down, you can tie your shoes in record time. 

8. Coil Knots

Is there a chance that your Yeezy 350 may get wet? Perhaps you’re visiting a waterpark or going out to the lake. 

Either way, you’ll want to make use of coil knots to keep your laces nice and dry. 

This method forms decorative coils instead of knots, and it can provide a cool new look to try out, even if you aren’t going to be near water. Here’s what to do:

  • Double each lace back on itself to form loops – do NOT criss-cross them first – as each lace stays separate in this method. 
  • At the bottom of the loop, wrap the rest of the lace around it up to the top – much like the ‘curly fry’ method. 
  • Once the coil is complete, feed the tip of the shoelace through the top of the coil to secure it in place. 

Once complete, you’ll have two upward-facing coils instead of traditional knots.  

9. Surgeon’s Shoelace Knot 

Another form of secure knot that’s great for activities, the surgeon’s knot is a twist on the standard shoelace knot you likely already know. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by crossing each lace and pulling down tight. 
  • Double the right lace onto itself to form a loop, but don’t do the same for the right. 
  • Take the left lace and run it behind the looped right lace. 
  • Now run the left lace in the front of the right loop. 
  • Push the left lace inside the hole formed in the middle of the laces. 
  • Pull the left lace through the hole to form a loop on the right side. 
  • Run the right lace through the hole again to form a second loop. 
  • Wrap the right lace around the left lace one more time. 
  • Now pull each end tight to secure the knot. 

This knot is extremely secure and won’t become untied. 

10. Better Bow (Improved Standard Knot) 

If you want to enhance your bow tying skills, try this one out:

  • Cross each lace over one another and pull tight. 
  • Take the right lace and make a loop, but leave the left lace still.
  • Run the left lace behind the right loop. 
  • Run the left lace around the right loop again, so there are two loops around the right lace. 
  • Feed the rest of the left lace through the hole in the middle. 
  • Pull the loops to tighten the knot. 

This is a stronger, more durable version of the standard knot. 

11. The Counter Thread 

If you want to learn how to lace Yeezy 350, you can’t forget about the counter thread. It’s a unique way to lace your Yeezys that doesn’t involve any knots, just a dope lacing pattern. 

Starting at the bottom of the shoe, thread the laces through the inside and outside eyelets on each side to form Xs (like the ‘curly fries’ method). 

Go all the way up on both sides, and then tie a basic loop knot at the top to secure each lace. 

Final Thoughts: How to Lace Yeezy 350

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Yeezys are premium sneakers that deserve lavish knots and lace patterns. Hopefully, this article gave you some fresh new ideas for ways to lace your Yeezys. 

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