The Team Behind Loop King™ Laces

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Miles is an SEO Consultant for medium and large enterprise companies, keynote speaker, author, investor, & entrepreneur. He’s the founder of Why Stuff Sucks® and also owns AmaLinks Pro® & Kompelling™ Kars, a car rental company in Green Bay, WI.

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Miles has trusted John to work on different projects since 2018; currently, he works as our customer service rep taking care of our valued customers.

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Founder of Loop King™ Laces

Jay started Loop King™ Laces in August of 2017. Being a serial Sneakerhead, Jay was tired of buying cheaply made shoelaces to put in his expensive kicks. Thus, in an attempt to change the game, Loop King™ Laces was born.


loop king golden tip

All Loop King™ Laces come with Luxury Golden Tips. We add quality and style to your shoelaces with a huge range of colors to suit your expensive kicks. No corners are cut with Loop King™ Laces.

shoelaces style and pakaging

To ensure your laces are not tarnished in the post, each pair of Loop King™ Laces comes in air tight zipped seal packaging to ensure no dust or dirt gets on your new laces.

loop king premium materials

All of our laces are made with Premium Materials. Our Leather Laces are genuine leather and 100% fire resistant. Our Flat Waxed laces have a premium wax finish to prevent fraying and keep the “fresh” look, and our Rope Laces are tightly stitched to also prevent fraying and keep a “fresh” look.

How We Were Born

Loop King™ Laces was born when Founder Jay R. got tired of having to buy cheaply made shoelaces to put them in his expensive kicks. The laces on the market just didn’t suit the standards of sneakers worth hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. Seeing this as a huge gap in the sneaker industry, Jay set to create Luxury Shoelaces with Golden Tips.

Finding materials that never fray, never break and never snap was a difficult task, but one that was done incredibly well in the end. After months of material research, Jay created a Genuine Leather, 100% Fire Resistant Shoelace that then became Loop King™ Laces’ first product! The shoelace was made exceptionally well, with everything Jay wanted in a shoelace for his sneakers. Adding the Golden Embossed Tip made this product the perfect item to start a company with.

Loop King™ Laces stands for its Luxury and Quality Shoelaces and has now branched out to Luxury Flat Waxed Shoelaces and Luxury Rope Shoelaces to further broaden the range of sneakers we can be put into. We simply cannot sell the cheapest shoelaces because of our cost of the material, but people don’t come to us to buy cheap shoelaces, they come to us to buy the most Luxury Shoelaces on the market. This is something we are extremely proud of and something that we will always stand by.

We thank all of our customers for their support on our journey and promise to always keep you looking fresh in our laces!

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