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With more than 600 Nike Factory stores in the United States and the brand sold at countless sneaker retailers, there are plenty of selections available for someone looking for new footwear. 

Sneakerheads appreciate all that Nike has to offer, and they have something for just about every occasion. Shoes are the main event, but you also have to find the best accessories – starting with shoelaces

2 key questions to answer are:

  1. How can you find the best replacement shoelaces? 
  2. How long are Nike shoelaces? So you can make sure they will fit…

Below we will explore the different lengths and other options you can choose from when you’re looking for some fresh new Nike shoelaces.

Nike has been around in some form or fashion since 1964. It changed its name to Nike in 1972, and through the decades, grew into the titan of industry that it is today.

Throughout these many years, there have been countless releases that sneaker fans have enjoyed. There have been many different shoelaces for Nike shoes at the same time, and each special shoe has its quirks and characteristics.

So, how long are they? 

Finding the Correct Length: A Look at All Nikes & 3 Specific Styles

You’ll typically start with the brand and style of shoe when searching for the shoelace length. 

Nike shoes come in different shoelace styles which complement the colorway, shape, and style of the sneaker. 

Nike shoelaces vary in size, usually based on the type of size and style of the shoe. In many cases, the eyelet is the deciding factor. Eyelets are the little metal loops crafted into the side of the shoe so you can tighten it when your laces are pulled together.

Different Nike shoes have different numbers of eyelets. The number of eyelets will dictate the shoelace length.

For instance, Nike shoes with four eyelets should use laces that are 69 cm long. Shoes with five eyelets take 91 cm laces. If your Nike’s have six or seven eyelets, you’ll need laces that are 114 cm in length.

If your Nikes have eight eyelets, 137 cm shoelaces are your best option. When your shoes have nine or ten eyelets, purchase laces that are 152 cm. Finally, if your Nikes have 10 or more eyelets, go long with a 183 cm lace.

Check the lace length that comes with your sneakers before you buy them so you can get an idea of what you’ll have to lace them up. 

Here are 3 long-time favorite Nike sneakers and their different shoelace lengths: 

1. Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to must-have Nikes. It could be argued that it kicked off the craze of mixing and matching different types of shoelaces as far as the brand is concerned. 

The Air Force 1 has a simple and versatile design, which is why people collect them to coordinate with just about any wardrobe choice. You’re likely to also find a different official Nike shoelace depending on which type of one you purchase. 

The white-on-white Air Force 1 is a staple item in every sneaker head’s closet. They’re the cleanest, most versatile, and iconic ones, and they sell out quicker than others – especially if you have a common shoe size.

Because the bragging rights for white Air Force 1’s comes down to keeping them as clean as possible, your outfit isn’t complete without the off-white shoelaces that put it all together. 

The Nike Air Force 1 sneaker has eight eyelets, and its shoelaces are 137 cm.  

2. Nike Air Jordan Sneakers

Nike was a brand for track and field runners and casual shoe wearers before Michael Jordan came along. Once he signed his sneaker contract after being drafted by the Chicago Bulls, his Air Jordan brand took Nike and sneaker culture as a whole to another stratosphere. 

That’s why the Nike shoelaces that come with Air Jordans are so unique and stylish. They often feature bells and whistles like metal aglets (tips) or shoelaces with different qualities of materials or color accents. 

Whether you’re partial to the Air Jordan 5’s or the Air Jordan 11’s, it’s important to figure out the length of the shoelaces you need. 

The shoelace length varies by Air Jordan release and fit. For instance, the Air Jordan 1 has shoelaces that are 137 cm for the low tops, 158 cm for the mids, and 182 cm for the high tops. 

3. Air Max

The next time you’re asking yourself, “What are the different types of shoelaces?”, make sure that Nike Air Max is on your list. 

These shoes have also stood the test of time, and are favorites among hoopers and fashion lovers alike. The Air Max has some of the most attractive and unique colorways, which is why people get creative with these laces, even going so far as to learn how to braid shoelaces, or using shoelace alternatives

They’re fresh, lightweight, and feature the bubble technology that has helped make Nike cool for so many years. 

Air Maxes come in various styles and fits, but most Nike Air Max sneakers have shoelaces that are 140 cm in length.  

Why Does Nike Shoelace Length Matter?

Now that you’ve gotten up to speed on Nike laces, here’s a little shoe history trivia. When were shoelaces invented?

If you guessed 3500-4000 B.C., you would be correct. Leather laces with moccasins were found in a cave, almost fully preserved, and strikingly similar to lace and shoe styles that people wore in the 1950s.  

There’s nothing new under the sun, so feel free to take a deep dive into whatever laces suit your fancy.  

If you’re wondering, “How long are Nike shoelaces?”, these answers should get you going in the right direction. 

Now that you have an understanding of which shoelaces are the best, you can take steps toward adding the finishing touches to your favorite footwear. 

Shop with Loop King Laces, and let us know if you have questions!

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