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Did you know that the sales of Yeezy sneakers grew by 31% despite the pandemic?

Yeezys have been a highly influential and coveted pair among sneakerheads due to their unique designs and exciting colorways. Their prime knit technology offers optimal support to your feet and also allows for breathability. What’s more, the high-quality material of Yeezys makes the shoes durable.

Once you get your hands on a pair of Yeezy sneakers, you need to make an effort to stand out by accessorizing them uniquely. You can do this through lacing up. Yeezy has a distinctive lacing pattern that allows you to style your favorite sneakers in different ways.

Below are some Yeezy lacing styles you can recreate to add some appeal to your overall look:

1. Traditional Lacing

 An Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Ash Pearl

This is a common lacing style that usually comes as a factory setting for most sneakers from the Adidas brand. If you lost this style due to any reason, you can still bring it back.

  • Take the end of your Yeezy shoelaces and insert it into the first adjacent eyelets on the right and left sides of your sneaker respectively. 
  • After that, ensure you balance the lace. From the inside of your Yeezy sneakers, place the shoelaces into the upper eyelets of the respective sides—right to right and left to left.
  • You can then move the lace zigzag right far eyelet to the adjacent left eyelet, likewise left far eyelets to the right adjacent eyelet. 
  • Repeat the process until you’re done.

2. Light Bulb Lacing Style

One of the stylish and cool ways to lace Yeezys is through the light bulb lacing style. With this lacing style, you can make the style of the filament of a bulb on your sneakers.

Similar to the traditional lacing style:

  • Take both ends of your Yeezy shoelaces and insert them into your laces’ from the corner.
  • Move the left lace inside the pattern of left eyelets. Now insert the lace under the pattern of eyelets on the right side from the right eyelets insert. Then, move it to the end.
  • Then, pick one side of the lace and round it to make the loop on the last adjacent line made on the initial step of the traditional style. 
  • Do the same to the second end. 
  • Once you’re done, tug the buckle of laces inside the style.

3. 2-Chain Style

The 2-chain lacing style is an appealing style to have on your sneakers, but it can be pretty complicated to create. It involves using 4 eyelets in a row—two adjacent and two far.

  • Take your shoelace and insert it from the inside of the corner eyelet. You can then pass it to the second hole from outside. 
  • Proceed to move the line of lace to make the round and place it on the upper two holes.
  • After that, insert the remaining lace from the inside to make the line and entangle it into the first line of lace. 
  • Now move the second line to the third and make the line to entangle it. Repeat the process until the end.

Once you finish, do this again on the other opposite side.

4. Cross Lacing Styles

Cross lacing on Yeezy.

Using the four rows and four columns of eyelets on your Yeezy shoes, you can create the cross lacing style. This type of style can help heighten the beauty of your sneakers.

To recreate this style:

  • Take your Yeezy lace and place it onto the double corner eyelets from the inside—moving from the left and right. You will notice two even ends are on your hand. 
  • Take the left side of the lace and move it to the second row and the second left column from below.
  • From the inside, insert the lace from the row below and the second column. 
  • Then, drag it diagonally to the opposite eyelet of the second row. 
  • Repeat the process until you complete the entire side.

You can use the same technique on the other side. Once you’re done, you’ll witness the appealing crosses on your Yeezy sneakers.

5. Straight Cross Style

The straight cross style involves passing the lace straight through the columns and then making a cross in a straight style.

To achieve this look:

  • Take both ends of your shoelaces and place the ends on the second column eyelets. 
  • Now pick one end and drag it to the upper one straight. From the second eyelet, move the lace to the third and then the fourth column.
  • This will lead to the formation of a straight line on one column of the eyelet. You can then move to the corner column and repeat the same process until you have 4 consecutive straight lines.
  • After that, take the left lace from the upper end and insert it onto the lower corner end. Proceed to move the lace to the right upper corner from the outside. You will notice that one diagonal line forms in a straight style.

Now repeat the procedure and you will get the X mark on the straight line.

6. Gap Lacing Style

Gap lacing is a variation of the criss cross style that skips a cross-over to generate a gap in the lacing. It is useful when you need to remove your Yeezy shoelaces due to sensitivity in your foot. This lacing style offers less restriction on the ankle.

  • Start straight across on the inside and out through the bottom eyelets. 
  • Then, cross the ends at each eyelet pair, feeding the lace under the sides and out through the next higher set of eyelets. 
  • Repeat the process until the shoelaces reach the sensitive part of your foot.
  • Run the laces straight up the eyelets to create a gap over the sensitive area. 
  • After the gap, you can continue to crisscross the laces till the end.

7. Bow Tie Lacing Style

For a comfy and minimal look on your Yeezy sneakers, you can try bow tie lacing. If you have Yeezys with even numbers of eyelet pairs:

  • Start straight across on the outside and through the bottom eyelets. 
  • For odd number eyelets, start straight across on the inside and out through the bottom eyelets.
  • Proceed to alternate between a crossover on the outside and in through the following upper pairs of eyelets. 
  • You can also run straight up on the inside and out through the subsequent upper pairs of eyelets.

8. Yeezy Breezy Style

Yeezy Breezy Lacing Style

With this lacing style, you work on loosening your Yeezy laces to enable a floating effect. It allows for a stylish yet casual, comfy, and effortless look.

To avoid looking very casual or tripping over your laces, do not loosen the laces too much. Instead of letting the laces hang around, you can loop them under the tongue of your Yeezy sneakers into opposite sides. This makes them seem shorter and tidier.

If you want to add a variation to the style, you can use the extra length right under the tongue of your shoes.

9. Winter Solstice Lacing Style

This type of lacing is great if you have Yeezys that have an even number of eyelets. To create the lacing:

  • Start straight across from the inside and out through the eyelets on the bottom side. 
  • Both laces ends run straight up the sides, feeding in or out through eyelets alternately until the end.

4 Shoelace Knots You Can Use on Different Yeezy Lacing Styles

An Adidas Yeezy SPLY-350 photographed on top of leaves.

Part of Yeezy shoe lace styling involves the knots. Unless you are going for the untied lacing style, you need to finish your sneaker look with a comfortable, stylish, and secure knot.

Here are some shoelace knots to try out.

1. Standard Knot

While the standard knot won’t necessarily guarantee the most security when running, it’s perfect for a casual day out with your Yeezys. To tie your Yeezy sneakers with a standard knot:

  • cross the laces to create an “X.”
  • Then, wrap the upper lace under the bottom lace and pull it through. 
  • Create a loop with one end of the lace and wrap the other lace around it once. 
  • Form another small loop with the enfolded lace and pull it through the opening in the middle.

For more security, you can finish by crossing the two loops and pulling to create a double-bow knot.

2. Factory Knot

Tying a factory knot for your sneakers allows you to slip them on and off comfortably. This knot makes your Yeezy shoelaces loose enough that you slide your feet in and out without adjustment but also tight enough that the sneakers stay securely on your feet.

With this lacing style, you can leave your laces knotted and avoid the hassle of tying and untying the knot each time you wear the sneakers.

When securing the factory knot, ensure there is an excess shoestring of about 6–8 inches dangling from each side of the last set of eye holes. 

  • Tie the extra lace ends together above the shoe. 
  • Pinch the points of the laces’ end between your forefinger and thumb and lift the strings until they’re tight above the shoe.
  • Use your other thumb and first two fingers to pinch the Yeezy laces together just above the tongue of the shoe. Ensure the laces run parallel to each other instead of crossing over one another. 
  • Then, wrap your laces around your lower hand’s first two fingers and pinch them under your thumb and cross the lace ends over the wrap.

To make a loop:

  • Pull your fingers out of the wrap
  • Fold the extra lacing over and feed the folded end into the loop
  • Make sure you keep the tips of the Yeezy laces beneath the loop rather than in it

Tighten the original loop around the fold to create a new loop. You can finish off by adjusting the laces as needed.

3. Noose Knot

Noose knots for shoelaces can be easily undone. It’s a nice alternative to the traditional shoelace tie and the factory knot lace. To tie your Yeezy shoelace in a noose knot:

  • Make an initial knot as if you’re tying up your favorite sneakers as usual.
  • Begin wrapping the free shoelace end of your Yeezy tightly around the loop you formed with the other lace end. Then, wind it around at about the center of the first loop. As a result, you should have a loop above the wrap that is nearly one-half as large as the original loop.
  • Keep wrapping tightly around the first loop, working downward. Wrap the free end of the lace around the upright loop continuously, ensuring that the wraps are very tight. Continue zigzagging downward until you reach the bottom of the original loop at the starter knot.
  • Work to get at least 4 wraps around the upright loop to ensure your noose knot is strong enough. Also, make sure you leave enough room to feed the free Yeezy lace end between the bottom wrap and the starter knot.
  • You can then feed the free end through the bottom opening. 
  • Lastly, pull on the loop above the wraps and free the end to tighten your noose knot.

4. Better-Bow Knot

If you are looking for a secure shoelace knot that isn’t as complicated, you should try the better-bow knot. 

  • To tie it, cross your Yeezy laces to create an “X”. 
  • Wind your top lace under the bottom lace and pull it through.
  • Proceed to create a loop with one end of the shoelace and then wind the other lace around the loop twice. 
  • Create another tiny loop with the bound lace and pull it through the hole in the middle.

What are Your Favorite Yeezy Lacing Styles?

A close-up photo of Adidas Yeezy SPLY-350.

Finding out which of the different Yeezy lacing styles suits you may require some experimentation and trial and error. 

We hope you’ve found our guide useful in customizing your lacing style. But you also need to find the right laces.

At Loop King Laces, we offer high-quality, durable, and stylish shoelaces that can add to the appeal of your Yeezy sneakers. Explore to discover the many options…

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