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Adidas Shoelaces for UltraBoost - Superior Laces

Adidas UltraBoosts are the ultimate trainers. They have various features that ensure you remain comfortable as you run around and work up your cardio. One of those features is the 41-inch laces.

If your original Adidas UltraBoost laces are worn out, and you need a replacement, or you're only looking for a new set of laces to upgrade the look of your Adidas UltraBoost trainers, we have just the laces for you.

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No matter the color of your Ultra Boosts, our diverse range of shoelaces has something for you. Our diversity allows you to pick laces that blend or contrast the tone of your shoes. Our broad range means you can give your shoes different looks depending on what you prefer.

Buy Flat, Rope, Waxed and Leather UltraBoost Laces

Variety is one of our strong points. We have different types of UltraBoost laces to fit various applications and preferences.

Flat laces – Flat laces are the perfect match for UltraBoosts. They have high-friction, which allows them to remain tied as you complete your rigorous workout. With our range of flat laces, you can make your UltraBoosts more comfortable while improving the look.

Rope Laces – If your UltraBoosts are an everyday shoe that keeps you comfortable as you stroll around, you should try our rope laces. Not only does our range of rope laces come in various finishes like plain, spotted and striped, they are also extra strong and durable.

Waxed Laces – Give your Adidas UltraBoosts a new lease of life with our flat, waxed laces. By adding a layer of premium wax on our flat laces improves durability and also makes the laces easier to clean.

Leather Laces – For that premium and royal feel, you can give our premium leather laces a try. The laces are not only durable, waterproof and fire-resistant but also bring a bold and vibrant look to your sneakers.

Premium Adidas UltraBoost Shoelaces

All our UltraBoost laces are made from premium quality materials using the best processes and practices in line with our morals and core values. Our Flat and rope laces are made from premium quality cotton and are triple-braided to provide strong, elegant looking laces that enhance the look of your sneakers.

The leather laces are made from premium cowhide leather. In addition to the quality materials, all our laces are fitted with gold tip metal aglets. We choose metal aglets because they last longer than plastic or glue aglets. They also give the shoe a better look.

Our premium Adidas UltraBoost Shoelaces can be identified by the royal crown or the ‘Loop King’ name imprinted on the aglets.

No matter which type or color of laces you buy from us, you can rest assured you’re buying quality. We are confident you will love the quality and look of our laces that we back them up with a 30-day return policy.
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