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Elite-Level Jordan 1 Bordeaux White Laces That Look Luxurious

Jordan 1 Bordeaux’s just don’t look right without white laces, which is why you need to turn to LoopKing for all your shoelace needs.

Our Jordan 1 Bordeaux white laces fit with ease, and they look equally as high-end as the shoes do.

To really make your laces pop, try out our white leather laces. For all our laces, we only use premium materials.

Nobody likes getting their shoelaces dirty, which is why our waxed laces are lifesavers. They contain a special wax coating that will stop dirt and grime in their tracks. That will keep your laces looking fresh for a long time.

Key features include:

  • Premium quality leather, cotton, and waxed options
  • Sealed & Stunning packaging
  • Robust laces that last 3x longer than other brands
  • Multiple lengths available


Dealing with frayed shoelace ends can be a real pain, and they’re also a trip hazard.

That’s why all our shoelaces contain embossed gold aglet tips. They prevent the laces from fraying at the ends, which extends the lifespan of the lace.

The aglets also look highly stylish, as they contain the LoopKing name on one side and the Symbolic Crown logo on the other.

Our high-end rope laces also come in white. They’re a tad thinner than the leather laces with a rounded shape. If your shoes have smaller eyelets, rope laces are the way to go.

Not sure which length to get for your shoelaces? Simply count the sets of eyelets your shoes have, and you can use the size guide on our website to find out.
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