No-Tie Boot Laces for Superior Comfort, Support & Style

Are your hiking boots always coming undone on the trail?

If so, you know how frustrating it can be to stop and retie your boots every 20 minutes.

That’s why you need to try out our innovative no-tie boot laces.

They feature a locking mechanism that will firmly hold your laces in place, completely removing the risk of your laces coming untied.

Not only that, but once you install these no-tie boot laces, you’ll never have to tie your boots again.

The lock works just like a zipper in that you pull it up to tighten the shoe and pull it down to release the tension to take your shoes off.

Whenever you head out on your favorite hiking trail, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s no chance of tripping on your laces. Thanks to their elasticity, you can tweak the tension until it’s just right for you.

Our no-tie boot laces feature premium materials to ensure their superior durability. In fact, LoopKing laces are known for outlasting other brands. Our no-tie boot laces come in a wide variety of colors, including:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Army Green
  • Olive
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Black

At 180 cm (71 inches) in length, these laces perfectly fit most brands of hiking boots.
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