Turquoise Shoelaces to Transform Your Shoes Into Something Special

Are your favorite high-tops lacking some pizazz? Does nobody ever comment on your high-end footwear?

If so, switching your shoelaces to a premium brand will make all the difference.

In particular, our luxury turquoise shoelaces pack enough stand-out power to make your footwear impossible to ignore.

Even if your sneakers have seen better days, a snazzy pair of LoopKing turquoise laces will upgrade their appearance tenfold.

They’re also highly versatile, as they work equally as well during nights out with friends as they do for jogging or playing basketball.

Not only that, but our turquoise laces feature embossed gold aglet tips to take your shoe’s appearance to the next level.

See the full list of features below:

  • Premium quality materials
  • Embossed gold aglet tips
  • Designed to outlast traditional shoelaces by 3x
  • Vibrant turquoise color
  • Sealed & stunning packaging
  • Multiple lengths are available

Besides looking amazing, the aglet tips also prevent the ends of the laces from fraying, which further extends the lifespan of the laces. In fact, LoopKing laces are built to outlast other brands by up to 3x – so you won’t need to shop for replacements anytime soon.

We make it easy to find out which length you need for your shoes. Count the number of eyelets on your footwear, and then check our size guide to find the perfect length.
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