High-End Lace Replacements That Look Amazing and Last Forever

Our LoopKing luxury rope laces feature high-end cotton that’s dense and durable. They have a round design, making them perfect for boots and dress shoes.

All our shoelaces feature branded LoopKing gold aglet tips. Like our shoelaces, we only use premium materials for our aglets, ensuring they won’t crack, fade, or peel.

Lastly, if you don’t want your premium laces to accumulate dust, dirt, and grime, you need to check out our flat-waxed laces. We coat them in high-quality wax that prevents dirt from settling into your laces.

Our lace replacements feature:

  • Premium leather, cotton, wax, glow, rhinestone, etc.
  • Branded gold aglet tips
  • Great for avoiding blisters due to loose-fitting shoes
  • Perfect shoelace replacements for any type of shoe
  • Fits most major brands
  • Comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs
  • Sealed LoopKing packaging

Whether you need to replace your shoelaces or want to help out a friend or family member, our premium lace replacements won’t let you down.


Not only does wearing worn-out shoelaces look bad, but it’s not a good idea for your foot health, either.

Whenever laces become torn and frayed from overuse, they don’t provide the same support as they did when they were new. In particular, they start to fit too loosely, which can cause your feet to slide around inside your shoes.

You’ll definitely want to invest in lace replacements, especially if you’re active. To maintain optimal foot health, you should always wear fresh shoes and laces.

The good news?

Our premium rope, leather, and flat-waxed laces from LoopKing feature high-end materials that make them last up to 3x longer than other brands.

They make fantastic lace replacements for sneakers, runners, trainers, boots, and they fit most major brands.

If you want to make your high-end Yeezy’s, Jordan’s, Converse, Vans, or other shoes really pop, our multi-colored leather laces are exactly what you need. They’re thick and luxurious, and the colors are sharp and vibrant.
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