A Robust Black Hoodie String for a Comfy Fit & Added Luxury

Fact: cheap drawstrings can ruin a hoodie. After all, who wants to wear a hoodie if you can’t properly tighten the hood?

That’s why you need hoodie strings that are hardy enough to keep your hood tight in the middle of a CAT 5 hurricane. Well we’re kidding about that, but you get the point.

A big problem most drawstrings have is the ends begin to fray after heavy use. That’s due to the cheap plastic aglets that they use to cover the string ends.

We don’t have that issue at LoopKing, because we incorporate high-end embossed gold aglet tips.

Besides adding some bling to your hoodie, these aglets serve another crucial purpose - reinforcing the ends of the strings to prevent fraying.

Key features include:

  • Elite-level materials
  • Sealed & stunning packaging
  • Superior durability
  • Various lengths are available

No matter the size of your hoodie, we have a variety of lengths available to accommodate it.

At LoopKing, we offer exemplary hoodie drawstrings. They’re the perfect length and width, and they’re luxurious and as durable as it gets.

That’s due to the top-tier materials we use. What does that mean for you?

Our high standards exist for a reason, as premium materials make for a lush string that’s thick, lustrous, and will make any hoodie look more luxurious.

For darker-colored hoodies, a black hoodie string with gold tips will add a slick, ritzy look to your hoodie.

Instead of having to look at cracked or missing plastic aglets, your friends will see nothing but solid gold sticking out of your hoodie.

To provide maximum variety, we offer several different shades and patterns for our black hoodie strings, including:

-Classic black

-Red-black stripes

-Red-black pattern




-Black-white stripes