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Red Wing Laces That are as Tough as Nails

Whether you wear Red Wing boots for work or to go hiking on trails, our Red Wing laces can easily withstand the conditions of both. If you’re sick and tired of having to buy replacement boot laces every couple of months, our luxury LoopKing rope laces are the way to go.

Key features include:

  • High-grade cotton that’s extra dense
  • LoopKing gold aglet tips
  • Lots of colors and designs available
  • Sealed & Stunning packaging

Our rope laces are immensely visually appealing due to their thickness, quality cotton, and vibrant colors.

Besides a wide range of solid colors, we also offer shoelaces that feature stripes, patterns, and designs. That means you’ll be able to easily color coordinate your outfits with your Red Wing laces, which will add new depth to your existing wardrobe.

Red Wing is known for their outstanding work boots that look great and last forever. At LoopKing, our luxury rope shoelaces are known for the exact same thing.

As such, they’re a match made in heaven for your favorite pair of work boots.

Our Red Wing laces feature high-grade cotton that’s proven to outlast other brands up to 3x. LoopKing shoelaces tend to retain their shape for longer than others, helped by the gold aglet tips that we use on the ends of every lace.

On one side, they feature the LoopKing name, and our Symbolic Crown logo adorns the opposite side.

Besides looking decorative, the aglet tips prevent the ends of your laces from fraying, which is a common problem for other brands.

They’re the perfect thickness for being resilient while still being able to fit most boot’s eyelets.

There are multiple lengths available to accommodate the exact number of eyelets your boots have.