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Luxury Louis Vuitton Rope Laces That Complement Your Sophistication & Style

You can’t lace your high-end Louis Vuitton shoes with just any type of shoelace. No, your shoes deserve a lace that’s equally as luxurious and high-quality as your footwear.

We take quality extremely seriously, which is why we scour the Earth to find the best materials for our shoelaces.

That’s great news for you, as our shoelaces are known for lasting 3 times longer than other shoelace brands. You won’t have to worry about our laces wearing out or fraying any time soon.

We even ensure that every lace we produce is 100% flame resistant, which is a true testament to their quality.

Key features include:

  • Nearly effortless installation
  • Premium materials for the laces and aglets (tips)
  • Gorgeous packaging


Your shoelaces can make or break your shoe, so it’s imperative to only choose the best. Our laces are sophisticated, stylish, colorful, and the perfect length for a tight fit.

Other low-quality shoelaces won’t properly secure your feet into your shoes. That can cause your feet to slide around inside your shoes during the day, which can cause painful blisters.

You’ll never have to worry about that with our premium Louis Vuitton rope laces.

Each lace also comes with our branded gold LoopKing aglets. They feature high-quality engravings of the LoopKing name and our Signature Crown logo. The aglets provide the final touch of visual flair to our luxury shoelaces.

Your premium footwear deserves our Louis Vuitton rope laces. Otherwise, you aren’t getting the maximum value out of your expensive shoes.

Does a loved one have a birthday or special event coming up? Then why not gift them with a pair of our luxury rope laces for their Louis Vuitton sneakers? Our beautiful packaging means that half the work is already done.