Superior Black Boot Laces That Will Outshine Everyone Else

Your hiking, work, office, or “night on the town” boots won’t provide the right look without the right laces. If your current laces are boring or worn out, you might want to replace them immediately.

Our black boot laces are just what the doctor ordered

At LoopKing, our rope laces are made from superior cotton, leather, etc. As such, our laces are thick, colorful, and will easily outlast other brands, often tripling the lifespan of other shoelace brands.

Key features include:

  • Premium quality materials
  • Beautiful lace packaging
  • Outlast other brands by 3x
  • Fits most major boot brands (Timberland, Red Wing, Thorogood, etc.)

In addition to our premium materials, we also use embossed gold aglet tips for all our laces. They will prevent the ends of your laces from fraying, and they add some extra glitz and glam to the look of your boots.

Each aglet has the LoopKing name on one side and our slick Symbolic Crown logo on the other for maximum style.

There are several colors available for our black boot laces, including traditional black and a fun black and gray pattern. Besides that, our laces are available in all other traditional colors, such as red, blue, and green.

Our rope laces are thick and round, which is ideal for fitting through boot eyelets without any issues.

Length-wise, there are several options available. If you aren’t sure which length you need, count the number of eyelets your boots have. Our sizing chart lists each length alongside the recommended number of eyelets for your convenience.
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