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Premium Black and White Laces for a Sleek Look

Black and white are staple colors in every closet. They are easy to pair, and you can wear them to any formal and informal function. Complete your black and white outfit with our black and white shoelaces for that simple yet elegant look.

You don’t have to be stepping out to add our black and white laces to your outfit. You can also use our quality laces to revamp and refresh the look of your sneakers and give them a new lease of life. They also make the perfect replacement laces and add a touch of elegance to every shoe.

Struggling for size? Check out our Shoelace Size Chart

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The laces come in various patterns. Finding the perfect one that will work for you is easy and fast. The laces come in different lengths and thicknesses, so you can use them on different types of sneakers and shoes. For assistance on the right lace length for your shoes, check out our size chart for recommendations.

Buy Rope, Flat, Waxed and Leather Black and White Laces

We are all about diversity. Even in our collection of black and white laces, there are still plenty of options you can consider. The different types of black and white laces we have include:

Leather laces – Leather laces are perfect when looks are at the top of your priorities. Our luxury leather laces are made from the best quality leather. The laces are elegant and durable, with gold tips that compliment your sneakers and your general outfit.

Flat laces – Our flat laces make the best replacement laces for most sneakers. We have flat black and white laces available as fat laces, among other varieties. Whether you simply need a good quality pair of replacement laces or you want to spice things up, our black and white flat laces will deliver exceptional results.

Wax laces – We use premium wax to coat our line of wax laces. The laces are easier to maintain and don't require frequent cleaning. Like our flat and rope laces, the black and white laces are made from quality materials with metal tips to prevent fraying.

Rope laces – Rope laces are perfect when strength and durability are a priority. Our rope laces are triple-braided to guarantee maximum strength and performance. The black and white rope laces come in various patterns, including stripes, spotted and plain options for easier pairing and

Black and White Laces for All Sneakers

Bring your sneakers back to life with our amazing range of black and white laces. The laces are available in different sizes, thicknesses and lengths to suit different types of sneakers.

If you’re unsure of the length of laces that will work best for you, we have a size chart to help you pick the right lace length for your sneakers.

We do more than make quality laces. Our laces also stand out and grab attention. We pay attention to every detail to ensure the laces are long-lasting and make a statement. We complete the creation of our laces by adding metal aglets which last longer than plastic or glue aglets. The metal aglets also add style to the lace, especially with the addition of our crown symbol.

Quality Packaging

The only way you can enjoy and experience the quality of the laces we make is to deliver the laces to you in excellent condition. That is why we invest in high-quality, airtight, and dustproof packaging. The packaging keeps the laces in the best condition and ready for use as soon as they arrive. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles or having to clean the laces before using them.

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