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The Pine Green Jordan 1 Red Laces to Stand Out from the Crowd

Do you rock a pair of green Jordan 1s? Then you need an authentic pair of pine green Jordan 1 red laces to go along with them.

After all, the original red laces can be upgraded to leather, waxed, rope, or you may just need to replace your original cotton laces.

Our pine green Jordan 1 red laces feature gold aglet tips to prevent the ends of your laces from fraying. That will make your laces last even longer, and the gold tips will add some ritz and visual flair to your Jordan 1s. They contain the LoopKing name on one side and our prestigious Symbolic Crown logo on the other.

Key features include:

  • Premium quality cotton
  • Embossed gold aglet tips
  • Beautiful & sealed lace packaging

You likely won’t find higher quality, longer-lasting, or eye popping pine green Jordan 1 red laces anywhere else online. Besides perfectly fitting Jordan 1s, our shoelaces fit most major brands, including Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Vans, Converse, and more.

You can also order longer laces if you’d like to incorporate an eccentric lacing style for your Jordan 1s, such as running the laces through each eyelet twice for a tighter fit.

Nobody likes having to replace shoelaces frequently, which is why we construct our laces with superior durability. LoopKing laces will outlast other shoelace brands by up to 3x - and it all has to do with the quality materials that we use.

Our standards for materials are extremely high, which is why we only accept the highest quality for our shoelaces.