So many shoelace replacement options, you’ll need new shoes to try them all. Bummer. (Not.)

Life is too short for boring laces. That’s why at Loop King™ Laces, we provide you with a full range of shoelace replacements to spice up your fashion sense and upgrade the look of your sneakers. Tired of looking down at the same stock laces? Change things up with our vast collection of shoe laces perfect for all shoes.

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Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces


Gold Tip Shoelaces


Colored Shoelaces

The color of laces you use can significantly change the look of your sneakers and your overall look. At Loop King™ Laces, we believe every shopper has a unique taste, and the only way to appeal to all of them is by providing an extensive range of colors.

Our laces come in solid colors, dotted, and various other patterns. The color combinations are carefully thought out to have the most aesthetic appeal on your selected pair of shoes.


Whether you have boots, running shoes, high-top, or low cut sneakers, we have just the right size of laces for you.

We also have the size chart, a handy tool that you can use to determine the right length of laces based on the type of shoes and number of eyelets, so you have the right length of overhang for that clean and organized look.

Types of Laces

It’s not enough to have laces of different colors and sizes. We go farther to ensure all sneakerheads have just the right type of laces to achieve the right look.

Flat Laces – Flat laces are the most popular type of laces. They are perfect when you’re going for a balance of looks and strength. For looks, our flat laces come in various colors and metal tips and are cross-stitched for strength.

Rope Laces – Rope laces are perfect when you want to add style to high-performance shoes like hiking boots and sneakers. Our rope laces are triple threaded for super strength and come in various patterns.

Waxed Laces – Our waxed laces guarantee that you never have to step out with dirty laces again. The laces are coated with premium wax that makes it harder for dust and grime to stick on your laces and as easy as a wipe to get your laces spic and span once again.

Leather Laces – For sneakerheads going for that premium look, leather laces are the best bet. They are our luxury line of laces made from top quality cowhide leather and fitted with metal tips for better functionality and some contrast.

Why You Should Buy All Your Laces from Loop King™ Laces

Diversity – We have hundreds, if not thousands, of different combinations of laces. No matter the type or color of laces you're looking for, we are your best bet at finding them.

Quality – Quality is guaranteed with every pair of laces you buy from Loop King™ Laces. We source for the best materials and use the best manufacturing practices for the ultimate look and performance of our laces.

Metal Tips – All our laces are fitted with metal aglets by default. Metal aglets offer the best performance and prevent fraying of the laces at the ends. The aglets also give the laces a nice contrast and add a pop to the color.

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