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Modern and Top-of-the-Line Nike SB Laces

Nike SB is Nike's brand for skateboarding shoes like the Vans. Nike SBs have a striking design that is simple yet enticing. The shoes have excellent curves, thick soles and unparalleled comfort perfect for everyday footwear.

You can take the look of your Nike SB's a little further and customize the look with our laces. Our diverse collection and quality of laces will ensure your SBs always have a new and exciting look every time you take them out.

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We have Nike SB laces in a variety of colors. From the bold and vibrant colors for that summer look to the neutral and subtle colors to complement your outfit you will find our laces in a variety of colors.

Our laces are also available in different finishes. We have plain laces with bold colors as well as spotted and striped laces that are perfect for a mix and match appearance. Our vast collection of lace colors will make it easy to bring to life any ideas you have for your Nike SB shoes.

Buy Flat, Rope, Leather and Waxed Nike SB Laces

Typically, Nike SB shoes come with flat laces. But, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try out other types of laces to achieve that stunning look.

Rope Laces – Rope laces are an excellent alternative for your Nike SBs. Our rope laces are durable because they triple-braided and they come in various finishes.

Leather Laces – You can turn the look of your SB shoes around with our leather laces. The laces are unique, they stand out, and they will get you and your shoes noticed. Our leather laces have an elegant look and come in solid colors. You can decide to pick laces that match the color of the shoe or get a little creative and opt for a contrasting color instead.

Flat Laces – If you would rather stick with the flat laces, we have a few options that you will find just as exciting. Our flat laces come in different colors and widths, allowing you to make subtle, but noticeable changes to the look of your shoes.

Waxed Laces – Waxed laces are another alternative to our flat laces. The waxed laces are perfect when you spend hours skating, and you don't have enough time to keep the laces clean. The waxed laces are waterproof and only require wiping to clean.

Premium SB Shoe Laces

When it comes to quality, we don't budge, and we don't cut corners. We use the best materials in the market for our laces to ensure the best results and durability for our laces.

Our flat and rope laces are made from pure cotton while the leather laces are made from premium-grade cowhide leather. Choosing the right materials for our laces means they don’t settle like other laces and they retain the excellent looks longer.

To guarantee durability, we choose to go with metal aglets. Metal aglets are harder to remove, and they also have an elegant finish which enhances the look of the laces and even your sneakers.