Superior and High-Quality Fat Shoe Laces

Fat Laces were a hit in the 1970s. Every cool homegirl or homeboy had a nice pair of fat laces crowning their favourite sneakers. The rise of popular music groups made the laces even more popular. The laces attracted a cult-like following with the youth dying the laces and writing the names of their crews on the laces.

With the surge in demand for old school shoes like the Adidas Superstars and the Pony Starters the demand for fat laces is back even better, fat laces are becoming common on modern sneakers as well and they look stunning.

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If you’re after a pair of fat laces for your shoes, we have a vast collection ready for you. Our fat laces come in a variety of lengths to ensure we cover low cuts and high-top shoes.

Fat laces come in a variety of colors. You can find them in bring solid colors, base colors like black and white, or dull colors. The laces come in spotted and striped finishes that feature a second color and the most enviable rainbow colors and we have all of them available for you.

Our diverse collection of fat lace colors makes it easy to achieve even the most unique looks for your sneakers.

Buy Quality Fat Laces

Premium laces look best when they are puffy and new. They sit nicely on your shoes and are easy to notice. To ensure you enjoy that first, new look your fat laces have for a long time, we use quality materials and craftsmanship to make our laces strong and keep them from settling.

Our fat laces are made from premium cotton and are cross-stitched to make them durable. Like our other laces, our fat laces are fitted with metal aglets to prevent the laces from fraying.

The metal aglets also bring an element of aesthetic appeal and uniqueness to our line of laces because of their gold contrast.

Why Buy Your Fat Laces from Us?

Quality and Diversity – We offer one of the most diverse collections of fat laces. Our range of fat laces includes fat laces of different widths, colors and patterns. Our laces are not just about looks, they are also about quality. We use the best materials and braiding to make sure you can enjoy those excellent looks for a long time.

Quality Packaging – Our efforts to make quality shoelaces will not mean much if we can’t get the laces to you in the best condition. That is why all our laces come in an airtight, zip-sealed packaging that keeps dirt and dust out while shipping the shoelaces. This way, we deliver the laces right to your doorstep in pristine condition.

30 Days Return Policy – We are confident that you will love how our shoelaces look and how they feel. If you don’t we have a 30-day return policy that you can use to return the shoelaces and get a refund with no questions asked.
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