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The Perfect Nike Dunk Laces That Look Amazing & Are Long Lasting

Are the shoelaces on your Nike Dunks faded, frayed, and boring? If so, you aren’t getting the most out of your expensive high-end sneakers.

Older laces will degrade the appearance and performance of your Nike Dunks, which isn’t good. That’s why you need a pair of our premium Nike Dunk laces to make your sneakers look like a million dollars

Our luxury leather laces are the perfect fit for Nike Dunks, as they’re flat, wide, and colorful.

We only ever use premium leather to construct our shoelaces, and they will last 3 times longer than other brands as a result.

You already shelled out the money for a pair of Nike Dunks, so you owe it to yourself to lace them with high-end Nike Dunk laces from LoopKing.

Key features include:

  • Premium leather materials
  • Branded golden LoopKing aglets
  • Various colors available
  • 100% flame resistant


Our laces also feature branded golden metal aglets (tips). They have the LoopKing name and our Signature Crown on them.

Not only do these add extra flair and visual appeal, but they also help you get a firm grip on the laces so that tying your shoes is a breeze.

We offer multiple lace lengths, so you can pick the ideal size and won’t have any trouble tying your shoes nice and snug.

That way, you won’t have to worry about your feet sliding around in your shoes while you’re active - which can cause painful blisters. Our LoopKing laces will keep your feet firmly in place while doing any physical activity.

Give your Nike Dunks the laces they deserve by ordering a pair of our luxury leather laces. Our beautiful packaging makes it effortless to give our laces as gifts to your loved ones, which is a plus.