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Roshe Laces Replacement - High-Quality Upgrade

The Nike Roshe is a stylish, simple and highly functional sneaker made from breathable mesh for everyday comfort. You can wear it as an everyday shoe or when you’re working out.

With our Roshe laces, you can refresh the look of your Nike Roshes by trying out various laces of different colors depending on the color of your Nike Roshes.

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We work hard to ensure sneaker lovers are not limited by our collection of shoelaces. That is why we not only have laces in numerous colors but also in different types to fit different preferences.

Flat Laces – Flat laces are common and come as a standard for most sneakers. With our diverse colors, our flat laces make the perfect replacement laces especially when you want to spruce the look of your sneakers a little bit without going over the top.

Rope Laces – Roshes look perfect in rope laces and we have quite a variety you can choose from. Our rope laces are designed for strength and durability. They are tripe-stitched to last up to three times longer than other laces and they come in different finishes making it easier for you to find the perfect pair for your Nike Roshes.

Leather Laces – When you want premium laces for your sneakers and a premium look, our luxury leather laces are the best bet. Made from premium quality cowhide, our leather laces are not only fire-resistant and strong but also have an excellent look that will have heads turning and breathe new life into your sneakers.

Waxed Laces – We take our flat laces a notch higher by coating them with premium wax to improve quality and make them water-resistant. Waxed laces are also easy to clean, which makes them ideal if you’re an outdoor person and want laces that are easy to clean.

Premium Nike Roshe Shoe Laces

At Loop King Laces, we don’t compromise on quality. Our brand is built on strong morals and we don’t believe in cutting corners.

We source the best quality materials for our laces to ensure the laces we make are strong, durable and above all they look perfect.

Our flat, rope and waxed laces are made from top-quality cotton while our leather lace varieties are made from premium grade cowhide.

For additional strength and durability, we use metal aglets for all our laces. The metal aglets prevent fraying at the ends of the laces and add an excellent contrast to the laces.

Quality Packaging

We don’t stop at making quality laces. We also make airtight zip seal packaging for our laces to prevent the laces from collecting dirt and dust during shipping. With our packaging, you’re assured that your laces will get to you in the best condition.