54" Shoelaces - All Fancy and Top-Quality Laces

54 inch long laces are the right length for sneakers with 8-10 eyelets, including Adidas Superstar, Asics Gel Lyte V, Rick Owens Ramones Lows, and the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750s among other similar sneakers.

If you've been looking for the ideal laces for your sneakers that have eight to ten eyelets, you will love what our 54-inch range of laces has to offer. You will find the appropriate replacement laces, and if you would like to add some color and style to your sneakers, we also have some additional options that will grab your attention.

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Choose from a Wide Variety of Colors

Our 54-inch laces come in various colors. You can choose the color and finish you want based on the colorway of your sneakers and your preference.

We have white, black, and grey laces, and we also have vibrant varieties for sneakerheads that want to stand out and bump up the appearance of their sneakers.

If you're looking to mix and match, we have dotted and striped laces in different color combinations that you can have a look to see what matches your needs.

We also stock fat laces in different lengths, including 54 inches long. The fat laces are perfect for some types of sneakers, especially when you want to amplify your look.

All Types of Laces Under One Roof

The type of laces you choose determines the functionality of the laces and how they look on your sneakers. Some types of laces are best suited for enhancing the looks of your shoes, while others are best for strength and durability. Our types of 54-inch laces include:

Rope Laces – Rope laces are designed for strength and durability. They are best suited for shoes that are constantly under heavy pressure like hiking boots. To make our rope laces classy and elegant, we make them in different patterns and colors to always bring your fashion sense with you everywhere you go.

Flat Laces – Our flat laces are a blend of class and strength. The laces come in numerous color combinations that bring out the best in your sneakers. The flat laces are cross-stitched for longevity and additional durability.

Leather Laces – Our leather laces are our luxury line of laces. They are the ultimate fashion statement and come in many bold colors complete with gold tips and an imprint of our royal crown for that regal feel.

Waxed Laces – You can find your 54-inch laces as a waxed option as well. If you're always worried about collecting dirt, our waxed laces make it easy to keep the laces clean.

Buy Your 54 Inch Laces from Loop King™ Laces

Quality Laces – We use the best raw materials and practices when making our laces. The flat and rope laces are made from quality cotton, while the leather laces are made from premium cowhide leather.

Variety – You can find the laces of your dreams in our collection. We have numerous colors and types of laces to choose from suited for different shoes and functions.

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