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Rick Owens Laces: Fashion's Unexpected Hero

You know that feeling when you've found the perfect pair of jeans? Or when your favorite band drops a new album? Yeah, that's how we feel about laces. We know, we know, it's a bit quirky, but hear us out.

When we think of Rick Owens sneakers, we don't immediately think of shoelaces. We think edgy, runway-ready looks. But if you've ever taken a deep dive into his collections, you'll find that even the smallest details, like laces, have that signature Owens flair.

Honestly, we used to be one of those people who couldn't care less about what held our shoes together. We mean, it's just string, right? But then, picture this: You've got the coolest kicks in the room, and someone says, "Hey, love your shoes!" but then squints and adds, "But, uh, are those laces from your old high school gym shoes?" Cue the facepalm.


Loop King Laces Offers Suitable Replacement Lace for Rick Owens

Enter Loop King Laces. If you haven't heard of us, sit tight. Remember the first time you swapped out the generic earbuds for some quality headphones and the music just felt... different? Better? That's what these guys are doing for our shoes.

Our flat cotton laces with gold tips are honestly a game-changer. It's like adding a sprinkle of luxury to your favorite pair of sneakers. And these aren't just any gold tips; they gleam, catching the light just right as you strut your stuff.

What really gets me is the quality. You know how some laces just give up on life after a few tug-of-war battles with your feet? Not these. They're sturdy, made to last, and those gold tips? They don't just add flair; they're built tough, too.

Loop King Laces gets it. Our vibe is all about letting your personality shine through your shoes. "Your shoes, now more you," they say. And it's true! Swapping out laces isn't just functional; it's a fun way to refresh a beloved pair of shoes or to jazz up a new pair.

To wrap it up, if you're in search of shoelaces to sprinkle a bit of pizzazz on your kicks, or if you just want high quality laces that don't give up on you, Loop King Laces has got the goods. And with those gold-tipped laces, you'll be walking on sunshine. Buy Rick Owens replacement laces here, we have flat laces and flat waxed shoelaces with gold tips that will surely fit the style of your sneakers. Don't forget to check out our size guide to find the appropriate length for your shoes.