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Air Max Laces

Since the first release of the Nike Air Max in 1987, these trendy and ever-evolving sneakers have dominated the running circles. The unique design and multitude of colors the sneaker comes in make it ideal for everyday footwear.

The design and allure of Air Maxes are not questionable. While they quickly grab attention on their own, you can do more to personalize the sneakers and make them stand out with our collection of Air Max laces.

Struggling for size? Check out our Shoelace Size Chart


We understand there are several Air Maxes released that is why our laces are available in various lengths. To find the right one for your Air Max sneakers, you can check out our size chart.

Our variety doesn’t stop with the length of laces. Our laces also come in a multitude of colors. This makes it easy to find one that matches perfectly with your Air Max Sneakers.

If you want something a little more creative, we also have spotted and striped laces in stock that you can check out to see what works for you.

Buy Flat, Waxed, Rope and Leather Air Max Laces

You can go even further when customizing your Air Max sneakers and try out the different types of laces we have. Every kind of lace is guaranteed to give your sneaker a different identity.

Flat laces – Some Air Max sneakers like the Air Max 90 come with flat laces. If you don’t want to alter the look of your shoe, our wide range of flat laces will fit right in. The laces come in various colors so you can make subtle but noticeable changes to your sneakers.

Rope Laces – Rope laces are common with the VaporMax series. But you can try them out on any Nike Air Max you have. Our rope laces are strong, elegant and durable. They are triple-braided so they last three times longer than any other laces you will find and come in different finishes giving you more options to find the perfect look for your Air Max sneakers.

Leather Laces – Our collection of luxury leather laces is the ultimate opportunity to revamp your sneakers and give them a new look. The luxury leather laces come in a multitude of colors and an elegant look that will drastically improve the look of your sneakers.

Waxed Laces – Waxed laces are not very different from flat laces. But if you’re skittish about seeing dirt on your sneakers, you will love them. Waxed laces are waterproof and don’t get dirty easily. If they do, you can quickly clean the dirt and be on your way.

Premium Nike Air Max Shoelaces

Just like the Nike Air Max, all our laces are premium quality and iconic. To achieve the perfect look for our shoelaces, we source the best materials. The rope, flat and waxed laces are made from top-quality cotton, while the leather laces are made from premium grade cowhide leather.

Our laces also feature metal aglets instead of plastic or glue aglets. The aglets have our royal crown symbol and our brand name imprinted on the ends for that regal feel.