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Beefy, Sturdy Thorogood Boot Laces That Will Outlast Competitors

Thorogood boots are a staple amongst hikers and hard workers. Yet, to get the most out of your boots, you need laces that are equally as robust.

Our Thorogood boot laces are reinforced, so they’re extra sturdy. In fact, they often last up to 3x longer than other shoelace brands.

If your work boots have worn-out laces with frayed ends or just look rather shabby, your boots may not be providing your feet with the support they need. That’s because for footwear to work, fresh laces capable of tying secure knots that won’t shake loose during activity are needed.

Our rope laces are ideal for Thorogood boots, as their round shape will easily fit your boot’s eyelets.

Key features include:

  • Premium cotton
  • 4mm thick (round)
  • Embossed gold aglet tips
  • Beautiful lace packaging


There are plenty of colors available, as well as colored stripes and patterns. So if you want to add some pizzazz to your boots, our laces are the way to go.

To prevent the ends of our laces from fraying, we use embossed gold aglet tips. They firmly hold the shoelace together, further extending its lifespan. Beyond that, they look plain cool and will add more visual flair to your boots.

The reason why our laces last so much longer than our competitors comes down to the materials we use. For our Thorogood boot laces, we high-quality cotton to provide the thickest, densest lace possible.

Are you not sure which length to choose for your boot laces?

Simply count the sets of eyelets on your boots, and you can use our length guide to make a perfect choice.
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